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2179 Highway 394, Craig, CO 81625 Open today until 9 p.m.

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Rating: 1

MountainRider Tin Cup Grill

Train your waitresses, train your bartender, and train your cooks!

Let me start with the first cocktail. I ordered a Vodka Press that came promptly but with no lime garnish. The waitress brought me the lime wedges later that looked like they were cut up a week earlier. I guess that is all one can expect with a four dollar drink. The next drink I ordered, after a very long wait trying to get the attention of the waitress, was a margarita. When the waitress set the drink in front of me she accidently spilled some of the drink on the table and into my lap. All she had to say was sorry and giggled then walk away. I was stuck there to clean myself and the table up with a lone paper napkin. I thought she could have at the very least offered to wipe the table up with the mess that she made. I later had to ask for more napkins.

The Meal: I ordered the rib eye cooked medium with baked potato and asparagus. When the order came the baked potato was just that, only the potato with no butter or sour cream. Also the baked potato came wrapped in tin foil that was cut with a knife on top to expose the potato. Right off, I noticed many small bits of metal shaving were in the meat of the potato from the tin foil. The waitress later brought me butter and sour cream half way into my meal. The rib eye was very tough and hard to chew. I'm not sure it was a rib eye at all for it had no marbling texture to speak of, it was not seasoned and had no flavor. Looked like a very cheap cut of meat to me. On a positive note, the steak was cooked to order, the asparagus on the other hand was over cooked and like eating mush.

The service was lacking to say the least. The waitress was young and lacked proper training to handle more than one task at a time. Empty glassed and dishes left piled on the table while the waitress made several trips to the kitchen empty handed.

As I mention above the first drink came promptly but absolutely no follow through with the entire meal except for the check. Seems that the waitress and The Tin Cup Grill's managements only interest is getting money for services barley rendered.

Needless to say I will NOT frequent the Tin Cup ever again.

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