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Visit website 116 9th Street, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 Opens today at 7:30 a.m.

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News / Best of the Boat 2011: Azteca Taqueria


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First Place: Best Burrito
Second Place: Best Grab-and-Go Lunch

Want to be in the know? Order it “the good way.” That’s one of the hungry-pleasers at Best Burrito winner Azteca Taqueria, 116 Ninth St. downtown. The good way, of course, includes cilantro rice, black beans, chipotle sauce and — favorite of co-owner Jonas Gabriel — picante salsa with tomato and corn.

And that’s not even Azteca’s most popular order. Honors for that go to the traditional fish burrito. Whatever you order, you’ll get it served the same way the company has been slinging south-of-the-border fare since its founding in 1999.

“We totally cater to locals,” says Gabriel, adding that using fresh ingredients and keeping things affordable are cornerstone to its success. “We’re a true locals’ spot. We’re here to play hard just like everyone else.”