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News / 2012 Best of the Boat: Backcountry Provisions


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First Place: Best Delicatessen, Best Grab and Go Lunch, Best Sandwich
Third Place: Best Grab and Go Breakfast

David Pepin, who co-owns Backcountry Provisions with Peter Boniface, isn’t sure how much his memory bank holds. But if he doesn’t know you by name already, he probably knows you by what you order.

“We make sure our staff is in tune with that,” Pepin says. “Customers appreciate that when they come through the front door. And if we don’t know someone’s name, we ask.”

Known for its sandwiches, Backcountry Provisions also does pretty well with the day’s most important meal. Its No. 1 seller is the hot bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwich, served on a chipotle bagel. And, of course, it’s usually served to you by name.

“Having someone take care of you is a great way to start your day,” Pepin says.