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News / Best of the Boat 2011: Backcountry Provisions


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First Place: Best Sandwich and Best Grab and Go LUnch

Call it serendipity that Backcountry Provisions co-founder Peter Boniface was born and raised in a town called Sandwich, Mass. Yet that’s the background of the town’s favorite sandwich shop, which has anchored Old Town Square at 635 Lincoln Ave. for more than 10 years.

“Most of our specialty sandwich ideas were designed around stuff we came up with around my mom’s table in high school,” says Boniface, who founded the company with friend Dave Pepin. “It’s definitely a part of us.”

The company has become an integral part of Steamboat as well, with outdoor types stopping by regularly for such signatures as the Fourteener, Bushwhacker, Dolomite and Pilgrim, featured on the Food Network and voted one of the best sandwiches in America by Esquire magazine.

Its fare has caught on so well that Pepin and Boniface also own shops in Jackson, Wyo., and Fort Collins, and recently opened their first franchise in Denver with another slated for Park City, Utah. “The whole key is starting with the best, all-natural products possible,” says Boniface, whose shop also won the Best Grab-and-Go Lunch category. “Everyone here takes great pride in what we serve.”