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News / Best of the Boat 2012: Freshies


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First Place: Best Sit-Down Lunch, Best Salad
Second Place: Best Breakfast, Best Sandwich, Most Vegetarian Friendly, Best Bloody Mary
Third Place: Best Bakery

Why settle for just one? That’s been the mindset of Kristy and Scott Fox, owners of Freshies, when crafting the lunch menu at their uber-popular eatery between downtown and the mountain.

Enter the Dynamic Duo, the Freshies menu item that lets diners choose two options among a cup of soup, a half-salad and a half-sandwich. It’s the most popular selection at Steamboat’s best place for a sit-down lunch. Best of the Boat readers also chose Freshies for Best Salad.

“We all get in a rut and order the same thing, but the Dynamic Duo helps people get out of that cycle,” says Kristy Fox.

The recently renovated restaurant quickly established itself as Steamboat’s lunch hot spot after opening in summer 2003. The Foxes previously owned and operated Winona’s in downtown Steamboat.

“We just try to do our best to create an upbeat, lively, healthy atmosphere with good energy,” Fox says. “Providing people with good, healthy, creative food can send them off into their Steamboat kind of day.”

Organic and locally produced foods highlight Freshies’ breakfast and lunch menus. The idea is that you can eat out without feeling like you over-indulged. The menu offerings change seasonally, often including new employee-created dishes. It’s the employees’ sense of ownership in the business that propels Freshies to its success, Fox says.

“Scott and I are not the heartbeat of the restaurant,” she says. “They are. We enjoy working there, but we’re just employees. We’re on the schedule like everyone else.”

Speaking of schedules, look this summer for Freshies to begin offering dinner.