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The philosophy behind Healing Ways Wellness Spa is to help tap into their "inner beauty" thanks to a variety of holistic treatments and restorative therapies for renewed vitality, improved health and mind and body longevity. Specialty skin care treatments ( the Hydrafacial ,as seen on the Doctors show)also our signature facial is a unique combination of Lymphatic drainage, lifting, hydration and oxygenation appropriate for all skin types. The result of this purifying process is facial firming, toning, and instantaneous skin cell revival. The oxygen facial, and detox treatments such as colonics, mud treatments, infrared sauna, lymphatic drainage, reflexology and more, have been the secret of the stars in Hollywood. Detoxing and skin rejuvenation gives you a glow from within.

Helping individuals achieve beauty from within was one of my main goals in creating the wellness spa. Restorative and detoxification therapies are natures secret to staying healthy and living longer and they help individuals find renewed energy and recharge their spirit. One unique service offered here at Healing Ways Wellness in colon hydrotherapy. This has been know to be the secret of the Hollywood stars. Colon cleansing allows for a cleaner bloodstream, improved digestion and elimination and an overall greater vitality. Reflexology promises to be another popular treatment. Reflexology stimulates specific points on the feet in order to bring one's entire body into balance and improve the health of the body organs and glands. Healing Ways also has lymphatic care and ,liver cleansing therapies. " I wanted to create a relaxing ,private environment where individuals can experience one-on-one professional care and treatments for a pure, balanced. and energized body. As we age, it's important to remember to connect with one's inner self and to enjoy life to the fullest, and my spa allows people to do just that. It is a warm, cozy and private setting.

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