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Our Products

Little Shop of Growers carries hundreds of brand name products for the indoor/outdoor grower, including: Active Air, Botanicare, ActiveAqua, Agrosun, Atami B'Cuzz, Doktor Doom, Dyna-Gro, Fox Farm, Earth Juice, Roots Organics, General Hydroponics, Age Old Organics, Happy Frog, General Organics, grodan, Easy Clone, Eye, Hortilux, Hydrofarm, Grotek, Hanna Instruments, Humboldt Nutrients, Hydrologic, Lumatek, Maxicrop, ona, B.C., Super Thrive, Rapid Rooter, Safer brand, Sungro, Techniflora Plant Products Ltd., Xtrasun, Amazon Bloom, Milwaukee, and Olivia's.