Lyon Corner Drug & Soda Fountain 970-879-1114

Visit website 840 Lincoln Avenue, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 Opens today at 8:30 a.m.

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News / Best of the Boat 2011: Lyon's Corner Drug Store


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First Place: Best Pharmacy

Ninety years in the same loca¬tion is enough to make you rise to the top of anyone’s list. Such is the case with Lyon Drug Store at 840 Lincoln Ave., founded in 1920 as Chamberlain Gray before adopting the Lyon family name in 1946. Most recently, 37-year own¬ers Tom and Nancy Clapsaddle brought on pharmacists Tahnee Miller, Jen Campbell and Wendy Lyon as partners, keeping owner¬ship local.

But its longevity is second to its atmosphere and service, both of which make it the local favorite. You’ll find both at the old fashioned ice cream counter where you can load up on ice cream floats, $1 single cones and old fashioned sodas made from a variety of syrups.

“That’s our signature,” Miller says. “It’s the thing to do after school.”

Indeed, while some visit the counter while their prescriptions are getting filled, others come solely for the sarsaparilla. And that’s something that’s not likely to change for another 90 years, even when Walgreens comes to town. “Nothing about Lyon’s is going to change,” Miller says. “The people who like us aren’t going to go anywhere else.”