Old Town Hot Springs 970-879-1828

Visit website 136 Lincoln Avenue, PO Box 771211, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477 Opens Wednesday at 5:30 a.m.

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Services & Amenities / Instructors


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Fitness Director:
Marietta Roberts, 970-879-1828, ext.314 mroberts@sshra.org

Chris Voyvodic:
AFAA Cert. Personal Trainer, Cert. Mat Science Level l & ll, C.H.E.K.
(corrective holistic exercise kinesiology) Functional Trainer. 970-879-1828, ext. 303.

Brent Tollar:
ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Football & Hockey (College Level) Adaptive Sports Facilitator, Bachelor of Science Sociology 970-879-1828, ext. 307.

Ronni Collins
Spin Instructor, ACE Certified Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Certified, Level 1 CrossFit Certification.

Jill Barker
Yoga Instructor

Jenny Gabriel
Yoga Instructor

Jodi Glaisher
Zumba and Aqua Zumba Instructor

Bruce Alston, Katie Lindquist, Ronni Collins, Shannon Dillard, Amy Charity, Marci Mattox, and Michele Meyer

Jill Barker, Jenny Gabriel, Alli Pallut, Lynda Van Tassle, and Cristen Malia

Marietta Roberts and Karen Jimmerson

Jodi Glaisher, Giovanna Scerpella, Deb Curd, and Melissa Cartan

Barre Fit:
Jamie Boeri

Aqua Fitness:
Carrie Epstein, Sam Huff, Elise Kuczera, Peggy Van Vliet

Aerobic Instructors:
Ronni Collins, Karen Jimmerson, Jodi Glaisher, and Michele Meyer.

Aqua Zumba:
Jodi Glaisher and Melissa Cartan

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