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What is Minimally Invasive or Laparoscopic Surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery means using endoscopic equipment to perform an otherwise more invasive surgery. An endoscope is a small camera that can be inserted into the body to have a look around. A laparoscope is designed for surgery in the abdomen. With our new advanced, FDA approved, equipment we can perform many surgeries via a dime-sized incision!

What Surgeries Can Be Performed Laparoscopically?

--Routine dog spays

--Cryptorchid dog castrations


--Hernia repairs


--Exploratory laparoscopy or thoracoscopy (looking inside the chest cavity)

--Surgical biopsies of the liver, kidney, pancreas, or any masses

--Other diagnostic applications including evaluation of abdominal trauma, bile duct patency, response to therapy, splenoportography or abnormal radiographic findings.

Benefits of Choosing Minimally Invasive Surgery:

--50 to 70% less pain and less trauma to your pet

--Faster recovery and return to normal activity

--Fewer wound complications and infections

--Less blood loss and risk of surgical complications

--Significantly less measured stress (serum cortisol)

--Less adhesion formation to cause future problems

--Increased visibility of structures for the surgeon

The Trend Towards Endoscopic Surgery:

Endoscopy/laparoscopy equipment minimizes trauma and risk to surgical patients and therefore human hospitals have embraced this technology for over 20 years. Veterinary medicine is late to follow this human medical trend largely due to equipment expense. Endoscopic surgery is recently becoming the standard of care at teaching institutions, referral hospitals and progressive private practices.

We at Pet Kare Clinic know that our clients are critical of the level of medical care their pets receive and often compare the care to that of human medicine and surgery. We have added laparoscopy to our practice because we want what's best for your pets!

We are happy to announce that animals requiring invasive diagnostics such as intestinal biopsies no longer have to travel to Denver for a minimally invasive technique.

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