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News / Dr. Rance Hampton


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Dr. Rance Hampton was born and raised in Denver and instantly fell in love with the Colorado wilderness. While growing up, the Steamboat Springs area was a family favorite for summer and winter recreational activities and he has especially fond memories of fishing here with his best fishing buddy, his grandfather.

Rance attended Colorado State University, attaining a Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences in 1997 and his D.V.M. in 2002. After graduating, he moved to San Diego to explore his fascination with the ocean and surfing. There he pursued career interests in emergency medicine and surgery by helping a veterinary clinic expand to a 24hour emergency referral hospital.

Rance feels fortunate to be able to help people through their pets and has used his knowledge of veterinary medicine to help animals in Alaska, Baja, Central America, Colombia, and post-Hurricane Katrina Louisiana.

Dr. Rance is very excited to call Steamboat Springs home and is looking forward to becoming part of the excellent Pet Kare Clinic team.