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Best of the Boat 2011: Ski Haus

First Place: Best Sporting Goods Store, Best Ski/Snowboard Tune, Best Ski/Snowboard Rental
Second place: Best Women’s Clothing;
Third place: Best Children’s Clothing, Best Men’s Clothing

Head to Ski Haus on your birthday and you get a discount percentage equal to your age (sorry all you over-active octogenarians — it caps out at 30). The store is doing some celebrating of its own by racking up top honors in the Best of the Boat survey’s sporting goods store, ski tune and ski rental categories.

“It boils down to service and selection,” manager Greg Danziger says. “That and a great staff.”

How great? Many of its 50 to 70 year-round employees have been there more than 30 years. Michael Paul, the store’s longest-running employee, has been there a whop¬ping 41.

Add a great product mix to its people component and it shines even more. “We carry a lot of stuff you don’t see in other shops, which tends to separate us from the crowd,” Danziger says. “We also put a lot of emphasis into the soft goods side. Apparel has been moving really well.”

While that explains the store’s high rank-ings in the men’s, women’s and children’s clothing categories of the survey, it’s also known for its rentals and repairs. “I’ll put our repair team against any other tuners in town,” Danziger says.

Its tunes recently got even better with the store benefitting from a new infrared Montana WaxFuture machine and Montana Crystal R tuner, one of only a few in the entire country. “We tune for all sorts racers in town — Nordic, Alpine and snowboarding — and do a lot of special tunes for the Winter Sports Club,” shop manager Gary Dickerson says. “These new machines are pretty cutting edge.”