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Famous Jerky

Gourmet whole muscle jerky made right here in Steamboat Springs!

Flavored with fresh spices, and slowly hickory smoked.

Roasted Garlic - A healthy dose of roasted Garlic

Jalapeno Beef - Very hot, great Chile flavor

Teriyaki Beef - Sweet and subtle oriental flavor

Garlic & Pepper Beef - Oliver's original recipe

Colorado Beef - Mild beefy flavor

Firehouse Red Beef - Spicy-but not too hot. With ancho chili powder

Barbecue Beef - Sweet and Spicy! Grand Champion winner

Elk (farm raised Red Deer) - Thick and hearty. Made from flank steaks

Buffalo - True wild west! Mild Garlic and pepper

$1.75/oz for beef jerky, all flavors $2.40/oz for game jerky all flavors

Click here to submit your order today and our staff will contact you for payment and shipping information. Please indicate how many ounces you would like.