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News / Best of the Boat 2011: Steamboat Meat & Seafood


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First Place: Best Seafood, Best Delicatessen
Second Place: Best Caterer
Third Place: Best Sandwich

Full-service delicatessen. Homemade pasta factory. Catering service. Wholesale meat and seafood provider. Custom game processor. Sandwich maker.

Twenty-nine years since it first opened its doors, there’s not much Steamboat Meat & Seafood Co. doesn’t do.

“It takes a lot to keep everything in order,” owner Bill Hamil says matter-of-factly.

What started as Steamboat Seafood Co. in 1982 has grown into Steamboat’s favorite full-service deli and seafood provider. With trucks that make biweekly trips to Denver to haul in fresh seafood, and a meat counter that offers everything from organic poultry to locally harvested elk, Hamil and his staff work hard to keep discerning palates satisfied.

“We denote ourselves by our specialty meats — homemade sausages, brands like Boar’s Head — and making that extra effort to get things like Denver’s Custom Corned Beef or Greek gyro meat or imported cheeses from around the world,” Hamil says.

Hamil says folks still appreciate a deli where specific cuts of meat and fish are done on request and hand-wrapped in front of the customer. The wild-caught salmon, for example, arrives whole and is filleted on site. That customers can also buy homemade pasta from the on-site Guido’s Pasta Factory or made-to-order sandwiches like the Guido’s Sausage Sub — Hamil’s favorite — gives it that neighborhood market kind of feel. Which makes sense, given that Hamil remembers those markets well from his days in Philadelphia.

But don’t worry, Steamboat, he doesn’t plan to go back anytime soon.

“I like what I do,” Hamil says. “It would be nice to slow down, but I don’t know when.”