Bacon 5 years, 8 months ago on What is your opinion of the restaurant selections in Craig and Moffat County?

We like Vallarta's a lot. We went to the Tin Cup but the waitress was wiping her nose with her hand, coughing on her hand and serving our plates, plus she went in to clean the bathroom (announced it loudly) came back and didn't wash her hands...we never went back. We also tried the Holiday Inn...the prime rib they were serving was raw and the home fries were absolutely limp and greasy. Yes, they offered to take it back, but still...raw??? At Fiesta Jalisco the food is sweet. We (my husband and I) hope that the Double Barrel Steak House has better quality & Service. Meanwhile, we will keep eating at Vallarta's.


Bacon 7 years, 10 months ago on Soccer fans in Craig reflect on World Cup

I was born in Brazil and grew up watching every single World Cup. Brazil has won 5 times; the number of stars on the team's jerseys represent how many World Cup the team has won. My friend's father actually died of a heart attack in 2006 during a game Brazil was playing...we get extremely excited and involved... Soccer is a fantastic game, millions of people play it and enjoy it. I sure hope the US does well, and starts a new tradition...meanwhile...go Brazil! Hexa Championship!