BoLyons 3 years, 2 months ago on Do you agree or disagree with the Moffat County Commission's decision to replace Missy Bonaker, chairwoman of The Memorial Hospital Board?

As far as I know, the Commissioners do not even attend any of the Hospitals board meetings. Do they consult with any of the current board before decisions like this? I agree with oatzer; is this what the community really wants to represent us?


BoLyons 3 years, 5 months ago on Packers’ teamwork, focus lead to Doak Walker 3rd-, 4th-grade title in Craig

First of all I would like to say is the City of Craig, the refs and everybody who VOLUNTEERS to help out with this program does the best job they can. A lot of work goes into getting these kids playing football in this league and setting them up for middle school and high school programs. Their are countless hours coaches and parents put into practices, games and meetings to help the kids learn how to play football. Their is no pay, and it takes away time with our familys. We do it for the kids and never complain about not getting paid for it. For the parents that sit on the sideline and critisize, complain, and whine about every little thing they see wrong with this program, step up! Volunteer your time and try to help, rather then make it worse. It is not as easy as it looks. Second, I am an emotional coach, I get just as excited and worked up as the kids. In the heat of the moment I may have said some things to motivate the kids on the team that did not sound good. Any one who knows me and has been around our team at practice or games knows I would never hurt any one of those kids. This is no excuse and I apologize for any thing that I have said that affended any one. These kids mean a lot to me. Most of them are close family friends, we spent bbq s together weekends and travel together. We do it for the kids. I may not be perfect and my coaching ways may not be the best in every ones eyes, but at least I try to help out. I would like to thank all the coaches, parents, refs, the Craig Parks and Rec, and every one else that volunteers to help out with this league. Great job, keep it up!

Bo Lyons