ChristinaOxley 7 years, 4 months ago on Commission overturns MCTA decision

Grumpy and Taxpayer, It's always exciting to me when people take interest in the Chamber and Moffat County Visitor Center. We're very proud of both and work very hard to ensure we provide a consistently high level of service. We do our best to track visitor numbers, cross-referencing personal counts with an automatic door counter. We also track the number of phone calls we receive and their general topic, as well as the number of items we mail, to who and why. These numbers are presented each month to the Chamber board and MCTA gets a month-by-month spreadsheet each year.
I can tell you that the Moffat County Visitor Center serves approximately 14,000 people over the phone and in person each year and I can tell you that our postage costs for mailing information to potential visitors is approximately $3,000. Each year the Chamber presents a line item budget for visitor center operations to MCTA. MCTA and the Chamber are extremely accountable for how those dollars are being spent. Each MCTA board member knows exactly how many lodging tax dollars are being spent on postage, printing, office supplies - every single expense the visitor center has. I'm disappointed that there are people who will judge a situation they don't have the facts about - particularly when the facts are so accessible. I attended two public MCTA meetings, met with the MCTA director and answered a written list of questions about visitor center funding. There was never any problem explaining how those dollars are being spent. The beneficiary is the Moffat County Visitor Center, arguably the most consistent and strongest asset Moffat County has in its efforts to draw and serve tourists. No lodging tax dollars are used for member services. You will have to ask MCTA board members their reasons for voting to dissolve the MOU, but the bottom line is that, without that funding, services and hours at the visitor center are severely impacted and that does not benefit Moffat County tourism in any way. I am always available to discuss the Chamber or the visitor center or to update anyone on the number of people we serve. Contact me any time at (970) 824-5689 if you have questions, comments or suggestions.