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CDP Editorial Board = If McKey gets elected to the county coroner position should his wife have to resign from the hospita board? I mean this falls in your line of thinking, so should she be required to resign?


CindyLou 7 years, 10 months ago on Editorial: Conflict resolution

Ok I reread the Editorial and I can't help but once again comment how the Editorial boards comments lack a single ounce of logic or common sence. Why don' t you just sight the Hatch Act while you are at it I am sure that has to be just as logical as your statements here. I particularly like how you suggest that if the commission doesn't hold off appointing one of the only two applicants they somehow lack common sense. I would be willing to bet the Audrey votes with the CDP on this one for sure.

I wonder where the CDP gets their common sense as they some how seem to think they have cornered the market in this area.


CindyLou 7 years, 10 months ago on Editorial: Conflict resolution

Can you please explain how there would be a conflict of interest? Just because they already report to the county commissioners in some capacity doesn't even remotely sugest that there is a conflict of interest. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Ultimately ALL the board members report to the county commissioners as hospital board members. So if they already have accountability to the commission as board members explain how their is conflict? The editorial boards statement:

"Gerber and Soos answer directly to the county commission, and they’re appointment to the board managing the county-owned hospital represents at least the perception of a conflict of interest. This is counter-productive to the best interests of the public the hospital serves."

may be the dumbest thing I have ever read in my entire life and most certainly the dumbest thing that has ever been printed on the CDP. If the County Commissioners even comes close to considering your suggestion to postpone the appointment they would be PANDERING to the CDP and each one deserves to be replaced in the comming election and every citizen of Moffat County should work their butts off to make sure none of the three get re-elected. Tom and Tinneal would both make fine choices and the fact that they ARE able to think independently has me believing that once again the CDP is just the mouth piece of the hospital.


CindyLou 7 years, 10 months ago on Wagner: Graduates disrespectful

You should try going to a sporting event. The students stand in the middle section toward the bottom of the bleachers and no one on either side of them can see what is going on beyond half court or the fifty yard line. My only conclusion is that the only one more ignorant than the students is the administrators and faculty. All you have to do is make the students section on the ends the way most schools that are run with half a brain do it then the students don't get in the way of the people that paid to see the game.

I have seen students walk right up and stand in front of elderly people who then have to move. When we were kids Wayne you got your hind end blistered. Teachers and administrators made sure that students at these types of functions didn't run all over parents and those who came to see the event.

Like you said: Sad commentary on today's youth.


CindyLou 7 years, 10 months ago on Craig City Council voices concerns on lodging tax measure

I would like to ask anyone who is against some of the modest tax increases to do me a favor.......go look at communities like Meeker, Rifle, or Glennwood Springs. While our infrastructure is crumbling and dying theirs is new and alive. We have extremely low taxes in NW Colorado and we don't have jack to show for it. It took both hands and a flashlight for most of you idiots to find your hind end and vote to improve education and healthcare in this county (finally after how many years?). You sit and whine about how bad things are and but don't want to contribute any real solutions to the problem. EVERYONE else has a lodging tax so people from outside of our community can benefit from our infrastructure why shouldn't we? A hunter comes in and buys a bag of groceries from City Market....big deal! He drove out here from Texas and had to pay a lodging tax in KC, Denver, and Steamboat when he spent the night in those towns....Why not here too?

So your aunt or uncle has to pay a couple (what maybe six bucks?) to stay in a hotel....if its really that bad maybe they should stay on your couch when they come to visit and take the $80 bucks and take the family out for dinner.

Plain and brings in money from outside the county and helps us here.......if we use the logic that some of you have posted here then as Moffat County citizens none of us will ever go on vacations or travel to other city/states because the lodging tax other places charge will prevent us from going so we will all just stay home and spend our money here......


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Can someone tell me again why gas is cheapter in Rangley, Baggs, Meeker, Hayden, Steamboat, Oak Creek, Phipsburg, etc. etc.? 20 cents in some places that are WAYYYYYYY more remote and harder to get to than Craig.

I was just wondering is all....


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I hate to be the voice of logic all the time, but if it truly is "medicine" shouldn't they be getting it through a licensed pharmacy that is run by a licensed doctor of pharmacy?

Heck even alcohol has to go through the proper channells of procurement and taxation, not just anyone is given a liquor license.....I tried getting a liquor license a few years ago and the city of Craig turned me down flat, but if I wanted to get a license to sell weed they wouldn't have a problem with that. Does anyone else see a problem in what is going on here?

I am not saying that it doesn't have its place in medicine, I just want to know why it isn't going through a pharmacy like everything else? If I started growing tobacco and selling cigs I would get my static than if I started selling weed. I mean Really? Really?


CindyLou 8 years ago on Dr. Scott Ellis appointed to county medical officer position

As an employee of TMH, an entity that receives federal grants and subsidies wouldn't that violate the Hatch Act too?