Globe 9 years, 3 months ago on Tylawn Smercina: Money left at ATM

CST does have some good points but he lets his emotions get the better of him. That's because he's passionate! I can just feel the passion comming from his posts. He's just so passionate about his beliefs. Passionate people can get passionate and then their passion over powers their other senses and all you see is their passion and not what their passion is covering up. It's this passion for passionate things that CST is revealing in his passionate pros. You should see how passionate he gets on some other posts. He's really passionate in those posts.

I can only assume that CST has been violently violated by the big box that is Wal-mart. Wal-mart had it's way with CST and then didn't bother to call the next day. Sure their was flowers, candles, and soft music, that's how he got so passionate. Then it was a wham bam thank you Can and they never called him back. He over course changed his name from Canstandtexans (it happened in the bathroom of the Del Rio Wal-mart) to CantstandTexans. Now his passion comes out as anger. Grrrr.... He's angry and you you all just cant understand cantstandtexan. He has all this passion and no where to put it. We should all pitty him and send him our love. Maybe then and only then will his passion one again abe used for good instead of evil.

But all his passion aside he does come off as a bit of Duche Bag in this post. Let it Rock CST!


Globe 9 years, 3 months ago on TMH finalizes plans after clinic talks falter

Great article Tax. This is a must read. I did not know things were as bad as this in healthcare. It is interesting to know we are building a 50 million dollar building while our federal government is going to enact so much change. Sam, while I really appreciate your recent post, because you communicated more on that post than in the last six months, you stated that the hospital expects to see more money from medicare and this article and dozens of others say that while that may be true last year it has been forecasted for years that medicare is goiing to change, and hospitals, especially small ones will see big cuts in what they get paid. If medicare changes as this article sugggests it most certainly will, how will our hospital survive when it isn't even making it now?


Globe 9 years, 3 months ago on TMH, Told clinic continue talks

I think it boils down to the hospital once again lying to the public again. For months we have been told one thing while they were doing something else. That place is an information black hole. They are so secretive in everything they do. Stan asked for all kinds of information and they told him NO all the time that they don't have to give out information. They kept telling Stan to come in and talk and not to do it in public. They kept saying Stan was incorrect and now we find out he is correct, but its too late. Isn't this a county hospital? Why aren't they more open with the public. For months you hear nothing and then at the last minute they spring this on the public. They made it very clear three months ago they were buying Dr. Tolds clinic. The CEO was even qouted in the paper and now they are changing their minds? Sounds like someone needs to get a lawyer involved is what it sounds like.


Globe 9 years, 3 months ago on Construction permit granted for new hospital

Maybe if the ambulance staff signed a contract that they would be at the patient's house within so many minutes or they would be fired this kind of thing wouldn't happen. From what I hear the hospital uses a lot of these kinds of "motivational" tool with their staff to try to make up for their inability to manage. Just a thought. JDM I think the ambulance crew does really good especially considering your circumstance.


Globe 9 years, 3 months ago on The Moffat County Commission and The Memorial Hospital have recently had discussions about the future use of the current hospital building on Russell Street. What do you think is the best use of the building once TMH has relocated to its new facility?

In Singapor they provide rehab in the form of a good caneing. If you are a drug dealer they take you out and beat the crap out of you and then lock you up where you get daily beatings. In a couple of years you get out and have no desire to ever mess with drugs again. We send drug dealers and users into prisons with TV, weight rooms, basketball courts, three meals a day, great healthcare, libraries, snack shops, and all the $3X you want (ok most you don't want), but where is the incentive to not doing the crime other than a little time and having to be some guys B---atch? We slap peole's hands, give them a time out, and then put them back on the streets. I say we provide rehab the way they do in southeast asia for a while and see how that works out.


Globe 9 years, 4 months ago on Locals reflect on President Barack Obama's inauguration

Can I just remind everyone that every year thousands of young men across this country voluntarily subject themselves to worse "torture" than the Gitmo prisoners received. They are young men between the ages of 18 and 23 who pledge a fraternities.

Nakedness, @$$ woop'ns, water boarding, and the like are a piece of cake compared to what some Frats do to their pledges who volunteer to have this stuff done to them. So if a little water is all it takes to get a guy to talk, I say by all means lets give them some swimming lesssons.


Globe 9 years, 4 months ago on The Moffat County Commission and The Memorial Hospital have recently had discussions about the future use of the current hospital building on Russell Street. What do you think is the best use of the building once TMH has relocated to its new facility?

Sooooooo when a person is in rehab, who is going to pay for the rehab? My health insurance would tell me to get bent and wouldn't pay for that kind of thing. So if you put a bunch of people in a big old building taking care of junkies, who is going to pay the salaries and the light bill? We also need a 2.5 mile paved oval and grandstand seating for 100,000 people like they have in phoenix, but we probably won't get one because it wouldn't make enough money to pay for expenses. So with that in mind, who is going to pay for this stuff. Last I saw the VNA was loosing money and now they are going to buy the hospital? And now someone want to put a rehab place in there. What planet do you people live on? is the kind where money grows from trees and little elves poop silver coins? Can any one explain how we could pay for any of these projects?


Globe 9 years, 4 months ago on President-elect Barack Obama will be sworn into office Tuesday. Super Bowl XLIII is Feb. 1. If you could watch only one on television or online, which would it be?

One of the great things about Obama becoming president is that all of your wildest dreams will come true. Most people aren't aware of what President Obama is capable of, but here are a few things everyone should know:

  1. President Obama's (PO) sweat is a natural antioxidant and when mixed with the right combination of electrolytes can boost the natural immune system.
  2. PO secretly played IBM's Big Blue in a game of chess and check mated it in four moves
  3. Once Obama accidentally touched a steak with his hand and the cow was resurected.
  4. PO never learned to swim because every time he gets near a small body of water it parts and all he is left with is dry ground. Large bodies of water wont even allow him to penetrate the surface he just walks around on top of it.
  5. PO isn't a multi-millionaire because there is no charge for awesomeness or incredibleness or beauty;.
  6. No terrorist has attacked the US in the last seven years because they feared he would oneday become president and wipe them out.
  7. When he gets up in the morning he actually puts his pants on both legs at the same time.
  8. It is a scientific fact that MIT laboratories have found that PO's poop doesn't actually stink, rather it smells like hazelnut.
  9. Obama was born on the same day the first issue of spiderman was released (coincidence? I thinik not!)/
  10. If you get the chance to rub PO's tummy you get three wishes.