JulieJones 5 years, 4 months ago on Editorial: Transparency & accountability

Oh this editorial is the epitome of hypocrisy! Has anyone at the CDP - ie the editor slash publisher - ever asked HIM about turnover at his busines? Has anyone ever interviewed the staff who left there? Not everone there left on his or her own I bet.

This article suggests that TMH look at mistakes it made in not being transparent. What a joke. Go back and read what they said. They will never talk about personnel and they shouldn't.

It's mind boggling that the owners of this paper haven't taken a closer look at what's being put in the paper. It's all pot-stirring and hate. Jeez - it took a week for the paper to report on an arrest of a possible meth maker and a family who lost their home to a fire because they were so busy running their "investigative story" about turnover at TMH.

I would suggest that when this paper points the finger at someone else they should see there are three more fingers pointing back at the paper.