Lethie 6 years, 1 month ago on Wild horse club planning Sand Wash Basin volunteer clean-up event

I'm so glad to see that something is underway to help preserve the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses. This is good for the economic development for the town of Craig, as well as, Colorado. I encourage all to go out and visit this HMA and see for yourself what it has to offer the community. Thanks for putting this information in your newspaper all the way from Florida.


Lethie 6 years, 6 months ago on Business Beat: Winter weather necessitates snow tire sales

How wonderful to hear the news about Nancy Robert's efforts to start a non profit org. to help preserve the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses in Moffat County. This is a beautiful group of horses and a real asset to the County. I came all the way from Florida to see them. It was a amazing trip and Nancy has a real appreciation for what they stand for. I encouage the folks in Moffat County and Colorado to go see these horses so they will get an appreciation for their unique role in mother nature's paradise. Good Luck.