PatrickHenrysRevenge 7 years ago on What makes the Bible different?

Thanks for that passionate, unwarranted defense of the Christian Bible, but it's message is quite far from seamless, and this can be proven in under 30 seconds.

However, every point gets lost in a flood of interpretational, doctrinal, and frankly opinionated debates to MAKE it make sense, because after all, if the deepest fabric of your life is made out to be illogical, most people will freak. Even Benjamin Franklin knew this; people need a reason to be alive and not be a jerk because they aren't taught how to find one for themselves. Thanks, society.

In the end, we can always rely on magical Faith to make it all better. Faith > reason, according to the Bible, no matter how detailed you make your explanations for the bible being the factual truth. That's the best part, is that you argue the proof of a religion completely, wholeheartedly, and unashamedly founded on Faith with science and logic? That's like trying to prove the existence of your childs imaginary friend through experiments. Good luck on that road, sir.


PatrickHenrysRevenge 8 years ago on Editorial: Time for change

Wow! If you think about it, our politicians really DO represent their constituents, since we never really solve any problems either.

Hang on, we're going into the ditch.


PatrickHenrysRevenge 8 years ago on Cheryl Ivy: Salvation with Jesus

Finally someone stands up for what they believe in.

Cheryl is in fact correct, and if you think you can skew the words in the bible to mean that it's okay to "accept" other ideas about salvation and, truthfully, other gods, you should read a little bit more. The Christian god is a jealous god.

What's happening today is the watering down and sterilization of such religions towards more politically correct and tolerant versions, but if you have even the slightest clue about the doctrines of Christianity and Islam, you would know right away that unless you distort their core principles and teachings beyond recognition, accepting them both will never be biblically acceptable. What will remain after the massive neutering campaigns are empty vessels that no longer contain the accurate translation of a spiritual message, but the soft and malleable words of man.

It has nothing to do with "hate," trendy word parrots, if your god tells you that he was the only one you would worship, and that the bible you read is a sacred and divine document that is infallible (and both religions inevitably do) you'll listen, unless being socially acceptable is more important.

This will happen every time, and if there were more Muslims in Moffat County, I'm sure we would be hearing from them as well.


PatrickHenrysRevenge 8 years ago on Clean Air measure could reduce coal mining jobs

These events have inspired a poem:

Environmentalism... Communism... Please, kick me in the face.

The End.


PatrickHenrysRevenge 8 years ago on Mining Association condemns passing of "Clean Air, Clean Jobs Act"

Well-researched and powerful article. I hope everyone reads this, as passage of this legislation could torpedo the economy that our local representatives have done a good job of vigilantly maintaining through this recession.

Everyone knows we'll need that money now. Sigh. How tight can the belt get before there are serious consequences?


PatrickHenrysRevenge 8 years, 1 month ago on Patrick Wayne Germond: Tea Party amazing

The term Teabagger exposes the loathsome, immature, and brainless tactics of the marxist left. The fact that it's thrown around on national television is enough to make anyone puke, especially if you have children, but that's not half as bad as watching the rest of the libs lap it up like the slop thrown in the trough from their masters.

Any liberal who stands for liberty should reject such shabby language, it's an absolute disaster of an attempt at political humor, as many modern Liberal "ideas" are also disasters of policy within a free country. I suppose the Bostonians of 1776 must have also been "Teabaggers." How far we have fallen.

Aren't you guys getting a little tired of adhering to the same old stereotypes? It hasn't really helped anything yet, only ruined what the Liberal and Democratic parties ONCE stood for for our younger generations, though I can't blame them for running from politics with all of the amazing role models they have to look up to...


PatrickHenrysRevenge 8 years, 1 month ago on Nancy Sadvar: Bogus ticketing

I understand Nancy Sadvar's statement. With so many DUI's and, even worse, many more drunk drivers that are never caught in the act, it is hard to believe that the young man's efforts didn't buy him a little credit, especially for such a trivial offense. The charge, to me, sounds like an excuse to pull someone over after hours, which is common for police to do. This practice also helps catch many dangerous drivers, so I can't say that I blame the police.

If you're out driving around that late, expect that you may be pulled over and have all of your documents ready (as they should be anyway.) The cops could be a little more supportive of safe driving practices, as well.

It's also entirely inappropriate to start bringing up some obscure personal history or town gossip you may know about this family, and has nothing to do with the letter. What it does do is reinforce the stereotype that small towns are obsessed with emotional and irrelevant gossip, which is great!