WTF 8 years, 2 months ago on Parents voice concern about proposed calendar

I feel sorry for this community, even more so for the kids. We seem to just shuffle them to the side and then complain when we think the worlds coming to end because of juvenile misfits. Any person, who sees a teacher has over paid, should then consider a career change. If the teaching business was so lucrative then why don’t you venture into it? In order to become a teacher you have to have a degree they don’t give these away nor are they cheap. Even a cheap bachelor’s degree is around 30,000. $42 dollars an hours is kind of a subjective calculation. I’m sure we could subjectively hack at the person figuring that amount yearly salary as well. If you take a typical day in any job where the coffee pot is the first hour, with two 15 min breaks, 30 min lunch, and the last hour of non-productive clean up and wrap-up we can easily cut 3 hours of productivity from your job. If your boss showed up today and said I’m cutting 15 hour a week from you paycheck, because really your not doing much during them, you’d be on the phone with the EEOC in a minute. And think about it your kids from age 6-to-18 spend more waking hours with a teacher then they do with you, do you real want the person, with that much influence on your child making $6.15 an hour. People become teachers not to become millionaires, but to teach kids and better their future. To stand on a soap box and protest the good hearted is to be dishearten