breeze_n_life 6 years, 3 months ago on Local law enforcement, FBI probe yields arrest in child pornography case

Still Very Frustrated here, In November we were all notified of the SVP moving to town, Now this and one other story all in todays news! so to keep our family informed of where these folks are One should be able to go to the police or Sheriff websites to keep current. In November I contacted the local police about their website of Sex Offenders having NOT been updated since 4/26/2010 Yes that is correct! It is now February 2012 and I made a second call and was given the ole, I did my job it is someone else's part to take care of the web, I'll send another request. After checking today, still hasn't been updated! How are we suppose to keep our children safe from these creeps if the Dang PD won't do there job? Just sayin! And I bet this guy is just one of many whom won't be listed until it's too late. The breeze


breeze_n_life 9 years, 5 months ago on Sabrina Bowersox: Our pet was part of our family

Thank you dentedfender. I am not blaming just anyone I am blaming the yorkie owner for poor pet care and the driver I am not blaming for hitting the dog she was obviously in the street, I am saying the driver never even stopped or called 911. If everyone thought of everyone else as family in this valley we would have a much nicer valley to live in. Looking out for each other like you would if someone was a niece or nephew, brother or sister,mom or dad, your family pet! But then of course I suppose saying that will provoke rude comments as well. Be Blessed today and know that what you wish or think on others just like the pointed finger with 3 back at ya always comes round full circle. BE NICE TO YOUR NEIGHBORS! Have a great day Craig America.


breeze_n_life 9 years, 6 months ago on Sabrina Bowersox: Our pet was part of our family

So I apoligize I didn't see these comments sooner. However my dog was fenced in! The neighbors yorkie was NOT. Another neighbor tried to calm my girls down when the little twit was out harrassing my FENCED girls. After some time, they jumped the fence for the VERY FIRST TIME. Obviously it was the last for one of my girls. GET THE FACTS BEFORE YOU ACCUSE. Further more all my pets are spayed and nuetered and up to date on their shots. I am a very responsible pet owner. Good Day