cantstandtexans 9 years ago on Allen J. Hischke: Firearms regulations

I suppose your solution to gun violence would also include criminal law enforcement personel that have busted into the wrong homed or shot innocent citizens that were profiled and had Glocks's and MP5's, among the best of high effcient equalizers along with HK 93'S and 94's, high leathel weapons of intimindatons like Panther Arms fully auto 260 Remington full auto assault rifles with a few FN/FAL's still lurking in the lockers of SWAT teams, breaking into the wrong homes and holding their victims hostage until proven innocentz?

I suppose this will include military personel that gun down many citizens of Irag and Afghanistan for no apparent reason other than being pissed off, as well as with Blackwater hengemen, and other hired guns,etc.?

Crimes are crimes, no matter who comments them. And to complicate and shoot down your train of do know what the FBI's known stastistic is on the percentage of those locked up in state and federal penal system that are known to be completely innocent of the accused and convicted crimes? Upwards to 30%!!

You have lots of refinments to work on....cause you present proposal sucks...I mean really really sucks.

McDonald's!! I for one see that this food (??) is, without a doult, a violent felony offense towards innocent victims. These do not deserve to cost the taxpayer $50,000+ dollars a year to incarcerate these "100% certain violate convicts. Hang them if you please. But almogst these inmates, one in three are innocent of the acussed acqusations. You want those plugged with a 308 slug as well?! Or a well made hemp rope used as an attractive necktie??

That is extremely totalitarian!! And there again...where do you stop? Use a golf clubs and same penealty? Baseball bat? Hammer? Anti-freeze? Then there's the processed food epedemic...let's hang McDonal's CEO AND CFO!! After all...their fat people customers the food at McDonald's push's like cocaine, has killed millions.

So what and where so you stop such a illogical proposal?


cantstandtexans 9 years, 1 month ago on Business beat: Help promote change in Moffat County

How about this for a good start. Stop shopping at WallyMart and stop buying anything made in China.

It's easy to point out a bill that would start a all out revolution...but I ask again. Do you buy Chinese made crap and do you shop at of the biggest culprits that pretty much forces companies that Supply WallyWorld's relocate manufactuing from here to Hecho En Chine??!!

That makes you and I responsible for the exportation of money and jobs. I try extremely hard to buy made in U.S.A. products...and not just assembled in the U.S. with foriegn made (CHINESE!!) parts. Or parts made in Mexico.

You do know there's gonna be a lot of bloodshed coming down the pike......we've became complacent and lazy in our knowledge on what's taking place. And under the premise of being a TRUE BLUE PATRIOT AND SUPPORT THE WAR ON TERRORISTS.....(thanks dumbass Bush!!!) seems far too many people bought into "If your not with're against us" B.S. we are!!

But be sure you go out and do some shopping and buy some more HECHO EN CHINE!!


cantstandtexans 9 years, 1 month ago on Our View: The positives of protest

I'm not a Democrat nor Republican.

I suppose we are on common ground as to the corruption of this countries political system. Which in is.

I encourage people to read a noval that was published many years ago. The name of this book is "Animal Farm". Classic. In short...the animals on a farm....with the planning by the intelligent pigs and the strength of a horse and a plan set in motion with all the other types of animals...overthrow the owner of this farm who was extremely cruel to all the animals. A tyrant.

Fast forward....the pigs take over...have the horse taken away to the glue factory, which removed the strength of opposition....and eventually end up living in the farmers house, wearing the farmers cloths and walking upright.

The pigs became just as the cruel farmer was. Morrow of this noval? Be careful what you hope for and fight for. As with human nature just end up with the same ol' B.S. no matter who's in power.

I too couldn't go to Sen. Bennet's town meeting.....I work (And I'm glad I do have a good job...believe me!!) just like many others do and sometimes/most times I work very strange hours. I do not know if I'll work eight hours in a day or an mechanical emergency dictates I'll be working til the crisis is over....maybe 16+ hours. I'm too old for that to happen on a regular basis and it doesn't happen often.

Sorry I flew off the handle. I've lived to see what this government will do just for a political agenda that helps funnel billions into the coffers of friends. And "we the people"...are beckoned into dying for a political matter if it's right or wrong. Speak out against such and you're labeled a subversive and a threat to the state.

I honestly believe that the days of this countries exsistance are numbered....and we may both live to see the day the United States is split up into several different countries. VERY POSSIBLE!!



cantstandtexans 9 years, 1 month ago on James R. Reiman: The Tea Party point

My mind is working overtime....and I can handle it.

Without having to read all of the back and forth jabbing....the pros and cons....I'll just say it this way.

Some are saying these bailouts are give aways to those that need to be hung with a hemp rope and televised nationally for all to witness what will happen when your greedy lust for money destroys a country!!! These are not giveaways to corporations that started this mess to begin with. Just remember this......the bailout money are loans and loans only. They must be repaid......THEY ARE SIMPLY AND NOTHING MORE THAN LOANS!!!

Let me say this as well. I was bitching my ass off when the last administration was spending trillions in borrowed money while the ultra wealthy of this country reaped huge profits. WHERE WERE YOU T.E.A. Party members when Boss Cheney and his bitch Dufus Bush were destroying this countries very fabric??!! WHERE WERE YOU THEN??!!!! Screaming kill them thar terrorists??!!!! How comforting!!

Fake News with it's exaggerted rally numbers...and they were exaggerted...were involved with getting these T.E.A. rallies up and running. Is that where a grassroot upraising starts?

I'll post more....I have a bathroom to paint. So you all stay tuned. There's much more to this T.E.A party rally's than what meets the eye. For now...IT'S A BUNCH OF B.S!!! But more to come.


cantstandtexans 9 years, 1 month ago on Our View: The positives of protest

And were you at that town meeting with Sen. Bennet dear PATRIOTIC AMERICAN??!!! NO?!! YES??!!

I'm betting you were not!!


cantstandtexans 9 years, 1 month ago on Our View: The positives of protest

Dear jasonbourne....where were you misguided "GULLIBLE" true patriotic (??!!!) Americans when the criminals in power from 2001 to 2009 were starting politicl wars for nothing more than corporate profit....and spent 6.5 trillion extra dollars up and bove what was taken in taxes...that was borrowed?!!!

You bitch about Obama....apparently....but I haven't heard any of you "TRUE PATRIOTIC AMERICANS" raise you voice towards Dictator Cheney and his bitch...Dufus Bush!! WHERE WERE YOU KNOTHEADS WHEN THESE FASCISTS WERE PREACHING IF'N YOU BE NOT WIF US'N..THEN YOU BE AGIN'US'NS??!!! WHERE??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shut your stupid're just as patriotic as Cheney is.

I simply hate stupid people. Yeah...stupid!!

Grass roots upraising against the spending. Have you actually investigated this so-called grass roots beginning of the lame T.E.A. protests? You read up on that and then you get back to me on that. BECAUSE IT'S ANOTHER FAKE NEWS GIMMICK THAT STUPID PEOPLE BOUGHT INTO....AGAIN!!!!

I'm surrounded by those that are nothing but sheep.

What would you do Mr Patriotic American? Were you ready for a full blown depression that would have made the last depression in the 1930's look like a kindergarten picnic...but do you care? HELL NO!! CAUSE THERE BE A BLACK MAN AS PRESIDENT AND THAT'S WHAT I SEE FROM YOU T.E.A. PARTY NUMB SKULLS!!! RACISM!!!

Don't think I'm afraid of any of you TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS!! I'm me I'm not!!! I believe that as long as the government has guns...we will too. But I know that I believe in America more so than what I see in you TRUE BLUE AMERICAN T.E.A. PATRIOTS!!!!

Most of you are hypocrites and rascists. And gullible sheep that buy into a drug addicts know......Fat Boy Drug Addict Rush Limbaugh!!!! AN ADMITTED DRUG ADDICT AND YOU SHEEP BUY INTO THAT LARDASS'S B.S.!!!



cantstandtexans 9 years, 1 month ago on A concern about debt: Anthony G. Stoffle

Hell....let the revolution begin. I have a short list then the list after the short one.

Remember Georgie Bush Sr. and that jarkin called "The New World Order"...? I do. So remember dear conservative believers....where did all this talk of world order start? And remember when Reagan started the insanity with de-regulation? That worked out really swell!! NOT!!

Like I've said....let the fun begin. We'll die in the process...but there'll be a great price that will have to be paid by those that would fight it's own citizens.

Ever think how many chinese will succumb to sniper fire? Yeah...the government, thanks to that wonderful Patriot Act that Republicans were so hot and ready for, is still watching and listening. They know me I what!! What price is worth the end result for these cowards and greedy slobs?

There's no wall they can hide behind.


cantstandtexans 9 years, 1 month ago on John Kinkaid: Going 'green'

Yes indeed taxslave. Those big nice big screen plasma's use the juice. But hit it correct. Live off the grid. It's called freedom from legal piracy. And not just with electricity. As I pointed out...let's not be under the thumb of big oil or big gas. It's just not that complicated to heat your house using a solar fluid heater and build a heat storage vault....which is nothing more than a series of fluid storage tanks (And not large tanks mind you!! But well insulated of course) and have your house well insulated, like mine is. Sprayed in closed cell. I swear it's amazing stuff!! Anyways, if you have the space, and many of us do, growing certain plants that yield a high amount of oil by cold pressing the seeds, such a flax...and certain other plants that there is a rather ridiculous law against called hemp. That's the plant that the DuPont's and the Rockerfellers and the Hearst's got banned back in the 1930's because these greedy slobs had a lot of money invested in oil stocks and chemical stocks and such. As in the case of the DuPont's...they were the chemical plant owners and oil processers!! You know, the DuPont's. Google up the Hemp Mobile, that car maker Henry Ford had and he even saw what was coming with just a few people holding the keys to our everyday lifestyle and transportation means.

I for one am sick and tired of being held hostage to a commodity just because that's the norm. If I have to pour horse urine in my fuel tank to drive, you can bet I will. Of course that's a ridiculous notion, but, if Uncle Sam thinks it's gonna stop me from growing a plant that you cannot get high on no matter how much you smoke....EVER....well....they had just better get on with locking me up!! Cause I don't smoke and I want to pour processed hemp oil in my fuel tank!! But you see, if I processed grain or such into ethanol....well now that's just A.O.K!!!!! Brew some Booze and Uncle Sam has no proplem...unless you sell it!! See how we're being held hostage?!


P.S. to loneleyone. T.V.....except you would still have the puritan overseers telling us you can hear this but not that...or you can watch this but not that. That's the government interferring with your life more than having us switch over to digital T.V. I like watching what I want and nobody has a right to tell me and you or anyone how to live our live's. Agree? I believe that as Europe is doing, we "SHOULD" start using natural gas as a motor fuel nationwide!!! But regulate the price of natural gas so as to stop the commodity pirates!! But then you'd have government intervention.


cantstandtexans 9 years, 1 month ago on John Kinkaid: Going 'green'

For any of you that really want to help....CFB's are being developed that contain no mercury and will be available soon if not already....and much murcury do you think are in the CFB's?? Not much.

Again.....what are you some of you worried about??!!! In Austrialia...ordinary light bulbs have been outlawed. Gezzz...and this from a country that is notoriously rightwinged!! Damn bunch of commies!!!! They don't have a clue what they're doing outlawing incadescient light bulbs. Except that it appears climate change has placed that continent in a permanant drought. Oh well.....who cares...not our problem. Or is it??!!

calvinhobbs....hang in there. It appears you have it 100% correct.

Taxslave....the CFB's are "filled" with murcury?....?....!!!!!! Contain some yes. For now.

Yes lonelyone...I'm very much aware of how we get our electrical power. It's just not wise to get all excited thinking that all of us will have to deal with random powEr outages or have to be told to turn off some appliance for a few hours.

Every progressive movement towards a goal isn't going to be smooth sailing at the start. But I'll remind all that we're seeing a steady rise in the cost of gasoline....AGAIN!! Big Oil knows how to tweek the mindset of the populace. Relax the price of crude...for a spell....then hit again. I'm sick of being tied to a commodity that is produced from the ground that in truth...belongs to all of us!! Just as natural gas is right under our feet...and under the surface of public land. We are being held hostage by a greedy bunch of worthless corporate idiots that I just as soon see hung by the neck til dead!! And they call themselves True Americans. B.S!!!!!

I choose to start looking at ways to produce my own power and heating. And I have already started with this actually. Unless you just love Excel or Exxon or BP or Chevron, etc. I don't and I'll do whatever I can to stop wasting energy that doesn't come from clean sources or from commodity related sources.

Time to change people...the easy ride is over. Just the way it is.


cantstandtexans 9 years, 1 month ago on John Kinkaid: Going 'green'

Oh yeah....let's just do nothing and by the way. I suppose that every legetimate science study is fabricated and bogus. sounds more like Fat Boy Drug Addict Rush Limbaugh's B.S.

Look. It's been proven that climate change is a fact. And further...why are you worried about Excel? Craig gets power from where? YAMPA VALLEY POWER! Smart grids doesn't have anything to do with the government spying on you or it's some kind of liberal conspiracy. It has everyting to do with living within our means.

Look at it this way. Where does the majority of energy waste occur in homes. 70% of available energy of all wasted by homes built before 1973. I'll put it another way. We changed out every single incadescent light bulb over to compact fluorescent bulbs. With Energy Star rated appliances already in the house...these C.F.B's reduced our electric bill by nearly 50%. 50%!'s a known fact that there's about 20% of electric usage nationwide that is vampire. You do know what vimpires are...right? Cell phone chargers left plugged in after charging your cell phone...computers left on standby...t.v.'s sucking power even when turned off ( Power Strips needed you see!) etc. Proven fact.....all homes and business changes over to CFB's and power usage in the U.S. dumps by 70%. 70%%%!!!

So....what are you two worried about? Just change over to CFB's and use power strips. You'll not be inconvienienced one ounce. Further.....there is no sense in the mindset, that we as humans and our activities hasn't caused proven changes in the climate. How selfish and conceited of the human race or you or I to think that it's not our problem. Which in fact you both pretty much said as much.

I for one...since one of you is so damning of Excel....I do not enjoy paying out money that I'd rather spend on food or whatever. And did you fellers know that with the production of thin filmed votaic cells...we all will be able to actually afford solar electric? This promises to drop the price tag on solar down to around 10% of current costs and we'll be able to buy these at Lowe's and Home Depot? Solar air heating is so simple you can build an air panel yourself and save 40% of heating cost for around a $300 investment? How much did it cost for either one of you to heat your home last winter?

So....your arguments are ridiculous and profoundly Rush Limbaugh. And you do know he is an admitted drug addict...right?