cantstandtexans 9 years, 2 months ago on How have your feelings about the national economy changed since the beginning of 2009?

You are absolutely wrong Als362. If you would take an indepth study of the why and how'd better be aware that we would have already fallen into a depression that would have made the depression following the 1929 stock market crash look like a gender gartem pick nick. And all the while...Fat Boy Drug Addict Limbaugh (And he is a drug addict you know!!) prefers to have everything the feds are doing to fail. That means that Druggy Limbaugh wants everyone to suffer beyond our wildest imagination just so he can have better radio ratings. What a no good fat slob that needs to be hung by his neck till his head separates from that fat slob of a body of his!! You think I'm kidding?! NOT A CHANCE!!

Here is what Bonzo Reagans deregulation brought down on this country. And as far as your idiotic comparison of Osama Ben Laden to Barack turly shows you have no freak'n idea what you vomiting out in your comment!! Shows the typical Right Winger's mentality.

You have a problem with that?! Here's a dime!! Go call someone else that doesn't understand squat about economics!!

Simply staggering and amazing to see how people are so easily dooped by the likes of Pervert Bill O'Rielly and Drug Addict Limbaugh or that scank winch Ann Colter. Now there's a trio that begs laughing at!!

Osama childish and ridiculous.


cantstandtexans 9 years, 2 months ago on Kathy Bassett: I'm not making this up!

By the way there Kathy. I guessing that after trying a bite of that demised rattle snake and you heading for the many seconds did it take to purge yourself of not only the taste, but the ongong memory upchucks related to that experience?

I commend you on your bravery to even try a bite of that reptile. Cause for me? THERE AIN'T NO WAY!!! NOPE!!


cantstandtexans 9 years, 2 months ago on Kathy Bassett: I'm not making this up!

Yeah....I've tasted many a cuisines in my time. I have always stood by my convictions as far as food goes which is this. If it supposed to tasted just like chicken...then I'll just eat the chicken. I know my chicken well!!

Ponder that statement. I've known many a person that swears to the fact that frog legs, rattle snake (Or any snake for that matter!!) and for the love of it....ALLIGATOR!! Oh yeah, that's it!! It tastes just like chicken!!

If it tastes just like chicken, then it appears to me and obvious that chicken is the bench mark that all other wannabe chicken taste'n meats have to live up to!! So with that in mind, if it tastes just like chicken...PLEASE PASS THAT PLATE OF FRIED CHICKEN PLEASE!!! Cause chicken is chicken and snake is snake, etc. Chicken is supreme and all other contestants need to be reserved for times of critical food shortages. Cause theres nothing better than great home made fried chicken!!

Hmmm....well...a plate of homemade bisquits with boysenberry jam and butter and corn on the cob and mashed potatoes whipped with sour cream and butter (A little tash of garlic for a good kick is my secret for these stand alone entrees!!!) and nothing nothing stands up to this fried chicken dinner!! And this DOES taste just like chicken!!!!



cantstandtexans 9 years, 2 months ago on Mike Albee: Canada's health system

All that are insured pay out the nose for the unisured? No we don't. There's not one unisured person the company I work for pays out any medical payments. And if is were not for the product developement of pharmaceuticals in Europe...we wouldn't have many of the drugs we take for granted today. If it weren't for European pharmaceutical reserach...we wouldn't have the many pesticides that allow all of us to lived relatively free from the many pestilences that plaqued civilizations for thousands of years.

No. The ongoing research taking place within countries that have open socialized medicine focus much of the attention on prevention. Britain has conducted intensive research into prevention of heart attacks, which...if I a growing killer here in America and women are the main population section experiencing a growth rate in heart attacks. Here's one prevention method the U.K. came away with by intensive studies. A tablespoon of tomatoe paste and a section of fresh garlic everyday. Yeah..I about bad breath. But this prevention potion has been proven to cut heart attacks..stroke...high colesterol and high blood preasure. So simple.

It will be uninformed to say that there is no research taking place with countries with socialized medical coverage. There is. Israel is another country with great interest in medical research.

Yes...there is no perfect health care coverage anywheres in any country or system. But the fact remains that if there isn't a board scale overhaul of our present profit oriented medical system...most of and I included..within ten years will not have medical coverage. And I can tell you, I do not have the money to pay for medical services. Oh Baby!! I went to the dentists today. A simple crown with a filling to stablized the tooth costs approximately $1,100.00 with my co-payment of just a mere $280.00. I don't have that money I'll have to start allowing money every payday to be set aside till I have the cash. Forget about the credit card!! That's got to stop with everyone! So what if soething massive happens. What would you or I do without medical coverage?

Prevention. Public education about health issues. People taking responsibility for being over weight and drinking to excess. Smokers anyone?!! I don't. I don't consume booze of any sorts. So why should you or I pay for someone's medical if they smoke and get lung cancer? Responsibility. You smoke...then no medical. Simple. Take meth? Then no medical!! That's not cold's being responsible to yourselve and your health.


cantstandtexans 9 years, 2 months ago on County to fund methane research

Absolutley dividewatch....not that we need any job losses at this critical moment in the history of the United States. But I know...and the gas drilling companies know...that drilling for gas can be done in a way that drastically reduces the foot print or impact that drilling brings down on the environment. As if the gas exploration business hasn't paid off for these fellers these last 5 to 6 years? Of course it has. But at what expense?!

I for one want the electrical vehicle business to florish and dominate transportation. But of course there are unseen and known environmental impacts that digging for the minerals and metals to build what are dubbed "Ego Friendly Cars".... Catch 22....that must be allowed to occur if this country is to become energy free. And unfortunately...compressed natural gas should be the bridge to ridding ourselves of the far worse polution producer called crude oil. How about this for starters...let's start getting serious about birth control and bring down the population of the U.S!!

For many to say that the new regulations adopted by the state of Colorado governing the gas drilling business is driving drilling companies out of Colorado is a farce! These new regs add around 8,000 to 12,000 dollars extra to a single drilling pad. Not much actually. Not when you consider how much money floats around the drilling business. How much did Williams clear a couple of fiscal years ago? Around 560 million dollars? Not just chump change wouldn't you say? And I'll remind readers that it wasn't until Williams came to back to Colorado with a vengenace of drilling, that Williams stock went from penny stock to what it is today!! Williams stock was penny stock!! Williams was nearly bankrupt!! And to hear the whining that the drilliing companies barf out is hilarious!! It's just a propaganda attempt to sway public sentiment to a more favorable view of the drilling activities.

So...let's hope that Moffat County will continue to be a grand watchmen on the tower for all of our benefit.


cantstandtexans 9 years, 2 months ago on Mike Albee: Canada's health system

No matter what side of the political spectrum one resides on, there is the hard knowledge...and this comes from those "In the Know"...that within 10 years, not many of us will have health care coverage, not many of us will be able to afford health care. Cost will cause most all of us to just let things happen. Sacrely is it not?

This isn't a political agenda I speak of. This comes from those within the sphere of the workings of how most of our health care is dished out. Again, within 10 years, you and I probably will not have health care coverage if something isn't done to collar in the runaway cost of health care that just seem to be the norm. But why?

Well let's briefly talk about that. It's called....Private profiteering. Insurance companies...outside of just a few...are out to pay out just as little as possible just so their stock options will be huge...even though a persons welfare is at stake health wise. You are not naive...just look at the arrogance of the CEO's of all the banks that begged for cash then went on luxury weekend getaway's and huge bonus pakages. One CEO had the arrogance of stating he had the right to a 10+ million dollar bonus even though the company he headed up lost some 13+ billion dollars. His response? If it hadn't been for him, that compny would have lost more billions. ARROGANCE!!!

So...there are wise choices that will bring down health care costs...socialized medicine does work! Ours is failing, so how can anyone with sound information ever make such a ridiculous statement of "All socialized health care fails"? I suspect this person listens to Drug Addict Rush Limbaugh plus the looneytoon antics of Fake News Fools! As if those idiots give a rip about this country and you and I!! NOT!!!

You choose. I would bet that all of those that are critical of socialized medicine would be running down to the local government agency begging for help if they lost their health care and became ill. You can count on it!! So get off your high horses and realize that something has to be done besides being critical and spiteful just because Rush says it so!!


cantstandtexans 9 years, 3 months ago on Neil McCandless: Why I'm a Democrat

Interesting. I had a situation involving corrupt Republican Party members working in a certain federal government agency. If it hadn't been for a particular U.S. senator, I might have been set to PRISON on bogus charges just to get my brother to hush up about the criminal activities being committed by members of the GOP. I'll not elaborate. They were sunk thanks again to this certain U.S. senator. That is one major reason that I'm a Progressive. I do not claim a particular political party. So, I'll just say that we need have a progressive style of government.

What occurred these past eight years is staggering to comprehend the magitude of corruption committed by the Bush Administation. It's not difficult to understand who really was in charge of that administration. And it wasn't Bush. Unilateral Action is nothing more than a tactic out of the pages of the Third Reich! There were no WMD's that Hussien secretly kept under wraps. There were no mobile chemical labs. No yellow cake...NOTHING! Fabrication of facts just to wage a war for profit, deguised as a patriotic war to kill them terrorists! False! And remember, if you stood against this doctrine, then you were un-patriotic and were branded as a greater threat to the state! The corruption of our political system is spread from coast to coast. But this countries respect and image has been so seriously deminished by the Scum Buckets that just left the Oval Office, and the financial raping of our economy has placed our very standard of living in grave jeopardy.

I'm a Progressive because I think. I do not watch Fake News Fools nor do I listen to Drug Addict Rush Limbaugh. I think!! Skinny Ann Colter makes her fortune from pandering to the those that honestly believe the garbage thrown out by the three elements I have just listed.

I too, do not believe in torture. I know that honor is not present by all countries or parties tht wage war. You bet some if not most factions will torture. But uh, There more torture out in the battle fields committed by U.S. soldiers than what is ever revealed. Whose to say I wouldn't rid the battlefield of opposition if I was a soldier. But what does torture accomplish? Not desent and hatred towards what we call..."The Good Guys"!!

No matter things in the past should be left in the past. Unless what occurred in the past still haunts us...such as this economic cesspool!!! Thanks Republican Party!! And you can thank Reagan's Trickle Down Economics as well!!

Thanks for standing up Neil. I do. Trust me...many do not like me because of my stand against favortism to the "Haves and the Have Mores"!!! Or my belief that the poltical system of the right "MUST" be free of the Evangelical train of thought that this country must be a country nothing but so-called Christians!! I'm not putting down religion, but there absolutly must be a seapration of church and state! And alas!! The local Mafia!! Extraordinary!


cantstandtexans 9 years, 3 months ago on Tylawn Smercina: Money left at ATM

Don't break my heart loneyone!!

The assumption by the fabulously intelligent greeneyedgurl makes my knees shake from her superior intellect and my inferior understanding of her rethoric. Oh brother!!

You see? Do you see how assumptions are fabricated in a persons mind? As if the make beleave assertion of anger management classes that I suppose to be enrolled in is a fact? Hmmmmm....nope!! Do I have feathers? Nope! "Childish Dreams of the Delusional Kind"

So You're using metephors that are basically henging on the lunitic side GREENeyedGURL?. I'll acknkowledge that one.

And back to is a waste of your time!! And I'm wasting mine as well. Rest assured I'll not be losing any sleep over this worthless waste of time. No one cares Greeny!! NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU SAY OR I SAY!! Is that difficult for you to comprehend? NOBODY GIVES A RIP!! So take a hike GREENY!!

And just for anyone's curiosity, I do indeed love myself. I like me!! And I really don't need to have my ego reassured by comments of acceptance. It would be a far better world if everyone loved themselves. But that just ain't so!!

It's called being confident just in case you didn't catch on GREENY!!


cantstandtexans 9 years, 3 months ago on Tylawn Smercina: Money left at ATM

The post was about the greed of Wally how I spelled that!! WAS IT NOT??!!! Use what little brains you have and shove it!! YOU GOT IT??!! PROBABLY NOT!!


cantstandtexans 9 years, 3 months ago on Tylawn Smercina: Money left at ATM

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