carn 6 years, 3 months ago on Moffat County Commissioners forgo county EMS review

Please look into RETAC, as well. I don't think Moffat County, sadly, is a member. I think Routt County is. Kind of a scaled down SEMTAC (Regional Emergency Trauma Advisory Council). Grant money available through RETAC. Also, look at some models of cities and towns your size and smaller. My city combined Fire and Ambulance years ago. Every engineer is at least a Basic EMT (most are EMT-I's). There is an engineer oncall 24/7, with a 'volunteer' force. The volunteers are mostly fire/ems, and there are two of them on call - plus the engineer - every day. Most are basics, some just first responders working on their basic. They willingly take at least one 24 hour call shift per month (most take at least 3). We are always staffed, and have 40 active responders. For a town of 7,000 people, that is pretty darned good . . . In fact, there is a waiting list to join. Hampered mainly due to equipment availability. They are paid minimum wage if they go on a call (minimum 1 hour). Our county is large (45 miles x 75, just guessing). QRT's in some neighboring towns.

Response times? Usually the volunteers are on scene before the ambulance (they drive POV unless it is an out of town call). I would say generally less than 5 minutes. If they DO get there before the ambulance, they are well trained and can initiate vital treatment (start CPR!) I think your commissioners are a bit in the dark here. Maybe they should listen to advice from an expert. Just saying . . .


carn 6 years, 12 months ago on TMH mulling hospitalist proposal

God bless Dr. Kipe, too bad there aren't more like him who don't wish to simply forget about their patient's after office hours and hand them off to someone else for after-hours care.

Also, so you double, triple, or quadruple patient census using hospitalists? Why? Would these patients otherwise be transferred to other hospitals due to lack of physicians? Or are they frivolous (unnecessary) admissions that the hospital won't get paid for anyway?

Lots of questions before you bite.


carn 7 years, 4 months ago on Craig man’s drug case pushed to next week

What up with Judge Hill? She has been absent a lot lately. Her polictical friends are at a disadvantage in her abscence . . .


carn 7 years, 4 months ago on Services set for Craig man Justin Bliss

Indeed - "careless driving what a joke". Either the paper has done a very poor job of reporting here, or the CSP has been over-zealous in their citations (again). I, too, hope this case is investigated to the fullest, and I hope to God Peroulis doesn't rely on the local CSP investigator to do it. If so, he will get screwed big time. People of Moffat County - learn to hire a private investigator in these cases, and do it quickly! Your CSP is so incredibly corrupt.

Ruralmom, shame on you. What the heck does who he is have to do with the facts? Silly woman.


carn 7 years, 9 months ago on Editorial: Judgment lapsed

Great ideas, Anitadunnce. Yes, all these controls would be great to put in place. This case, however, did not involve an illegal alien coming across the Mexican border. He was an American-born citizen coming from Salt Lake City. Now what?

As I said before, there is quite a little information missing here. Only a lazy person would pass judgement on this man soley on what he gets from the Daily Press Editorial Board, which is also apparently too lazy to look at all the facts first. I guess being spoon-fed is quite fashionable these days. Thinking for yourself is apparently "unfashionable".


carn 7 years, 10 months ago on Editorial: Judgment lapsed

I would say "Greystone as a philosopher" is a scam. He thinks no further than himself.

Come on, dude. Broaden your horizons. Better yet, get the facts before you go off on a tangent . . . "a drug dealer who pretends he is now a religious person"? Wow.

Greystone would like you to think that he has visited with Fernando personally. Bet you $100 bucks he can't even put a face to the name . . . Bet you another $50 he doesn't know where Greystone is. I grew up there. I know.


carn 7 years, 10 months ago on Utah man sentenced in meth case

The last paragraph of this article is a perfect example of an oxymoron. Which is it you believe in, Wiggins? Apparently 8 years in CAPS is not, in your estimation, a punishment?


carn 7 years, 10 months ago on Editorial: Judgment lapsed

Maybe this all-seeing, all knowing board should get both sides of this story before they decide this man doesn't deserve the second chance they claim to believe in.

There is more to this story than what the DA's office tells you. As in most cases . . .