causeIcan 5 years, 6 months ago on Craig murder suspect appears in Moffat County District Court for advisement


I could not agree more.

For the rest of you whom must hate:

Why hate on Shane? You cannot really make his situation any worse, why try? Tarnishing his name cannot harm him. The only reason to hate on him is to hurt others.

Why hate on Leroy? Can you imagine a worse living fate? Loosing family, freedom and being branded a killer? The only reason to hate on him is to hurt others.

Why hate on Rose? She has lost two men whom she cared for, has been branded by the judgemental a cheater/whore/adultress and has a child to raise through and after all of this. Do you hate on her to hurt her or some other person?

Have you ever thought of how your words and thoughtless statements harm those around you? Your bickering, your theorizing? What if LEROY's SON READ WHAT YOU WRITE? Hmmm?? OR SHANE'S BROTHER? Do you even think of that? Or is it your hope that they will?

Collectively many of you seem to be the petty, small, mean-minded, UNHAPPY sods with little social life or skills that make this wonderful community such a little paintin' place. Grind the meat, stir the pot....oh, never mind the blood..........