daybyday 7 years, 6 months ago on Craig resident nabs 703-pound bear, possible state record


You can call it nesting, winter lethargy, bedding down, sleeping, napping, denning or, as you chose, "sleep mode," but the CO Division of Wildlife calls it hibernation. Black bear can go 100 days straight without food, water, urinating/defecating and exercising in the winter months. This is why wildlife biologists enter dens for research. If you're interested in improving, as you said, lack of understanding regarding bear and bear habits, you might interview or research Tom Beck, renowned biologist and bear expert from our very own state of Colorado. He entered hundreds of bear dens in CO, including dens with mom and cubs. He doesn't recommend that anyone attempt this, but due to his expertise he has undoubtedly been consulted, and bear hunting laws will now change in CO due to an obvious lack of ethical behavior...or as you call it, "ignorance."


daybyday 7 years, 9 months ago on Letsinger: Disappointed at Elkhead

Some people see rules and regulations as a direct attack on their sense of entitlement. Why was the choice made to write another letter instead of contacting Parks and Recreation directly in an attempt to voice your alleged mistreatment and therefore resolve your concerns? This is the way grown-ups do it. "We were so disappointed that we care not to visit Colorado again." Seriously??? That's a little like throwing out the baby with the bath water, dontcha' think?


daybyday 7 years, 9 months ago on Food stamp need rising in Moffat County

The laws for hiring are clear, and all employers have free and easy access to the law through the US Dept. of Labor. The direct link to the Immigration and Naturalization Service Employee Handbook is at: If that link doesn't work, google Immigation and Naturalization Service Employee Handbook.

We have spent billions on ineffective border control with billions more planned to spend that we don't have. Americans could stop blaming the government for not doing enough or stop blaming the government for doing too much, and start holding ourselves personally accountable and simply adhering to the laws that we have in place for the very purpose of protecting our borders, which in turn protects jobs, reduces crime, reduces government spending, and grows our economy. Americans who hire illegals for short-term financial gain are doing so at the long-term expense of our country, which in case anyone hasn't noticed is in serious crisis.

There is some distorted sense of compassion that we need to feed, clothe, hire and house people who are knowingly and purposefully breaking the laws that were enacted to create, protect and maintain our country's livelihood, and that is just mind boggling. There is a lawful method to becoming an U.S. citizen, and it's not rocket science that it's considered lawful because it's legal...good grief.


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I didn't understand the question either, however, the "church" is the body of Christ and not any one or any number of physical buildings. The churches Christians build and meet in were and are to be for the purpose of developing spiritual maturity in members to equip them to understand their spiritual gifts in order to help others come to know Christ, for the purpose of service and outreach, and for the purpose of praise and worship to God.


daybyday 7 years, 10 months ago on Moffat County sheriff’s office investigator balances caseload with strong faith

Actually you have that backwards, as the wall of separation of which Thomas Jefferson first spoke was not in consideration of political entities who feared Christians or religion, but in support of Christians who feared a state religion (for good reason). The constitution states that congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting free exercise thereof.


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Ecclesiastes 3

A Time for All Events in Life 3:1 For everything there is an appointed time, and an appropriate time for every activity on earth: 3:2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to uproot what was planted; 3:3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; 3:4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance. 3:5 A time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; 3:6 A time to search, and a time to give something up as lost; a time to keep, and a time to throw away; 3:7 A time to rip, and a time to sew; a time to keep silent, and a time to speak. 3:8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace. (NetBible)


daybyday 7 years, 11 months ago on F. Neil Folks: Jesus — Savior or wisdom teacher?

Scripture is the word of life to be held forth (Phil 2:16), The word of reconciliation proclaimed (2 Cor 5:19), The word of salvation to be heard (Acts 28:26), The word of truth to be received (Eph 1:13), The word of faith to be believed (Rom 10:8), The word of wisdom to be ministered (1 Cor 12:8), The word of faithfulness to be held fast (Titus 1:9), All scripture is inspired by God (2 Tim 3:16), All scripture is truth (John 8:32)


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It's perplexing how someone who is supposedly sick to death of nasty comments, spreading hatred, bullies and anonymous personal attacks cannot even see a a faint glimmer of the same in their own words.

My final post on this site is in regard to the initiative. I'm all for it and in support of those who both implement and participate in higher quality care for infants and children.


daybyday 8 years, 3 months ago on Nancy Sadvar: Bogus ticketing

I'll just say I wouldn't take the personal attacks from either side to heart or give power to anonymous posters to hurt my feelings. You know what they say about opinions - everyone has one. Who cares what posts were deleted, as they were apparently inappropriate to read, and therefore not worthy of concern.

It's disheartening to see how topics get so off track here, so I read Nancy's original letter again. She did not attack the Craig P.D. as a whole and even commended law enforcement for their increased efforts to reduce drunk driving. She did not say she was above the law. I understood her letter to say that, in this case, a ticket and appearing in court was not only unnecessary, but possibly counter productive. Not that appearing in court is the end of the world, but I highly doubt this young man thought he was doing anything but being helpful. Anyone who has lived in Craig more than a day understands there are more serious issues here than an inexperienced young driver possibly slowing too much (?) at a yellow light. As far as registration and proof of insurance, most people probably don't think about it when driving another person's vehicle or a company vehicle, or I know I don't.

Possibly impeding traffic, no proof of insurance and violation of curfew all combined warranted a ticket. It's only my opinion, but had I been that officer, and under those circumstances, I would have given a verbal warning, called the parents to discuss, and sent the driver home.