dempsey 8 years, 2 months ago on Senior girls reporting more rapes

I don't think those girls are getting sexually assaulted I think they have sex with these boys and then the boys don't want them after all (because nobody wants to date a girl that puts out on the first night) and the boys leave them and then the girls get sad because they were used. And then they say they were raped or assaulted. I have seen girls do that with my own eyes, one girl was drunk and was all over this guy and they had sex both willing and then the next day she said she was raped. Luckily I seen what she was doing and the guy never got charged because she lied and I testified to it. I just can't believe how these girls dress to school they do look like prostitutes and of course the parents approve for their daughters to look like a prostitute because they buy their clothes and I'm sure they see them before they go to school. So wake up parents unless you want to be grandparents while your daughter is in HIGH SCHOOL.


dempsey 8 years, 6 months ago on ACET arrests distribution crime ring

Stop picking on all Illegal immigrants not all of them are drug dealers yes I agree not to let the drug people come into our country but there are also the good people from Mexico trying to make a life. I think Craig cops should go after the head drug lord that goes to Mexico and brings back the drugs and then gets the illegal people to do their dirty work for them so they don't get caught themselves. Yeah this person has a normal job blends right into the community like if they are so innocent it makes me sick that the cops or investigators don't see it. Think about how could a person making mininum wage afford brand new vehicles every year. If this person was caught it would make a big difference to the Craig community.