dexter 5 years, 11 months ago on Editorial: For a brighter tomorrow

It really is a shame when the editorial board doesn't have enough sense to gather ALL of the information before writing an editorial such as this. Unfortunately, the reporter who was invited to attend both events opted to attend and write about only the girls conference instead of equally covering both. The facts the reporter and the editorial board opted to leave out--- the boys enjoyed a morning of hands on presentations given by various individuals from CNCC and the community regarding the careers and education available in Aviation Technology, Automobile Technology, National Park Services, Natural Resources and Ecology, Emergency Medical Services, Power Plant Technology, Craig Fire Department, Craig Police Department, and the Craig Emergency Medical Services. During the afternoon the boys attended field trips to the Tri-State Craig Station and Trapper Mine to learn about the variety of careers and education needed to work in various positions. Lunch was provided by Tri-State.

Hopefully the editorial board will make sure next time that they know ALL of the facts before writing such a stupid editorial. The editorial board needs to apologize for the slap in the face they have given each of the presenters who so graciously donated their personal time to help make the day a success, and the CMS staff who also helped to organize this event.


dexter 6 years, 9 months ago on Walt Vanatta: Police beat for June

I am so glad to know our police department determined that it was a human being behind the red truck incident and not an alien. Duh!!


dexter 7 years, 8 months ago on Moffat County Commission District 2 and 3 candidates make pitch to voters

I just want to thank the Daily Press and KRAI for hosting this forum, and for hosting it live on the radio. You did a great job in keeping it running smoothly. Even though I had already cast my vote, I still enjoyed listening to what everyone had to say. It was nice to be able to reconfirm that I had made the right choice on the ballot. Thanks again!


dexter 7 years, 8 months ago on Editorial: Judgment lapsed

Gosh Nimrod, I wonder how you came up with your name? Apparently there are an awful lot of folks who have never taken a Criminal Justice class. You learn about things like this in class. MODEL PRISONER/GOOD CONDUCT WHILE INCARCERATED AND/OR IN COURT Model Prisoner: This category consists of cases in which the defendant behaves well or did good things while incarcerated or at trial. There are several sub-categories: (1) Evidence that the defendant had few if any disciplinary write-ups and/or aided in thwarting criminal activities from other inmates, and/or behaved well during the trial; (2) Evidence that the defendant improved his education and helped other become educated; (3) Evidence that the defendant developed spirituality; and (4) Evidence that the defendant has shown personal growth/adopted new, positive goals.


dexter 7 years, 9 months ago on The Bureau of Land Management's proposed resource management plan includes closing Vermillion Basin to energy development. What do you think would be best for the basin and Moffat County?

How can you really compare this to the gulf? In case you haven't noticed there isn't an ocean with waves and currents involved here. Have any of you really ever visited this area? It's not as though it is the most beautiful place in the state. There has been plenty of studies that show wildlife can and do adjust to the exploration, etc. Why can't we do this and bring back some jobs and sense of worth to our community? We don't have to open the whole thing up, but enough to be able to offer jobs, etc. What happened to the liberals wanting to take from the rich and give to the poor? Here we can take jobs and money from the rich companies and give to the poor by giving them a paying job with benefits.


dexter 7 years, 10 months ago on How do you feel about former Craig Police detective Ken Johnson's sentence of seven days in jail plus work release, probation, community service and fines for his felony conviction?

Finally, some people are starting to see what I have been complaining about for the past year and a half. Our judicial system in Moffat County is a joke. Starting with the DA's office and former DA Snow, Judge Hill, and parts of our law enforcement. The one time that Hill is given a chance to really hold someone up as an example for the community of "what not to do" she doesn't do it, and yet she punishes someone of a misdemeanor that isn't even from this community and states in her sentencing that "she wants to punish him and use him as an example for our community". Why? The last I knew being charged with a felony is a much more serious offense then a traffic misdemeanor. Kind of makes you wonder whose litter box the DA and Judge are playing in doesn't it?

Did those of you who are voter's know that before a judge is voted on for retention elections that there is a survey done by the Colorado Judicial Performance review board as to their job performance, integrity, understanding of the law, and service to the public. Judges’ evaluations are developed through survey questionnaires completed by a random sample of persons who have appeared in court before the judge: attorneys (including prosecutors, public defenders, and private attorneys), jurors, litigants, law enforcement personnel, employees of the court (including law clerks), court interpreters, employees of probation offices, employees of local departments of social services, victims of crime, and appellate judgescolleagues and people that have appeared before them in court, law enforcement, and court staff. You can go to this website to see results of the surveys My question is why don't we ever see any this information about judges who are up for retention elections in the paper etc. How can we make a informed decision if we don't have any information about them? By the way, Judge Hill isn't up for a retention election for another 5 years. ;o(


dexter 7 years, 11 months ago on School board to consider final budget draft today

Careful school board, there is one individual who is soon to be our ex-DA that will stand up in the meeting and threaten to sue the school district for foolishly spending money. Guess it is OK, if he foolishly spends taxpayers money though.


dexter 7 years, 11 months ago on Jeremy Snow accepts county commission’s offer to serve as county attorney

This is a shame and the waste of taxpayers money. The only good out come of this is getting him the heck out of the DA's office. Bet the DA's staff are dancing in the halls. Snow spent a conservative figure of $100,000 dollars on a trial where the individual was found guilty by a jury for the exact same thing the individual tried to plea bargain for before going to trial. Snow's ego and outside influences got in the way though and it cost the taxpayers a huge chunk of money. Hold on Moffat County we are in for an expensive ride by an individual who likes to use cartoons for his opening and closing statements. No wonder our country is in the shape it is if that is what the Harvard Law School teachs them.