foxy1 6 years, 1 month ago on Letter: Dr. Joel Miller is a wonderful doctor

Dr. Miller is an intelligent man who truly cares about his patients. He has taken great care of me and my family over the last couple years. His staff is always friendly and caring, they respond to phone calls quickly and they seem to enjoy their jobs. There is a big difference between the environment at High Country Medical and the TMH clinic. Patients are people to Dr Miller, not just $$$.

Thanks for all that you do, Dr. Miller & High Country Medical girls :)


foxy1 6 years, 10 months ago on Craig Police Department releases results of community survey

I am thankful to live in a county that has such a low crime rate -- that officers can respond to freedom of speech and noise complaints within 15 minutes... yet I have to wonder how my tax dollars could be better spent. We have an overabundance of cocky, overpaid law enforcement here.