girlfriday 5 years, 4 months ago on Moffat County term limit extensions being discussed

I believe term limits should be eliminated all together, after all we do have term limits, it is called "don't re-elect the person". You are correct Mr. Hess the learning curve is huge for some elected positions and term limits does discourage highly qualified younger candidates from running for office when they know they'll have to find another job in 8 years. The results of term limits in the last general election resulted in just playing musical chairs in the courthouse. If the voters in Moffat County really do want term limits why do they elect the same people into office but just to a different elected position?


girlfriday 8 years, 2 months ago on Razzano wins Republican assessor primary

So will Mr Razzano change property values according to who he likes? Much like the way he writes off taxes for businesses and individuals? What?? You may ask does he do that? Yes he does! Perhaps you can go to him and have your taxes written off, too. You can get a report on what taxes he has written off during his terms as Treasurer! Interesting!!


girlfriday 8 years, 2 months ago on Elaine Sullivan earns big win in Republican treasurer race

To Just the Facts-It takes alot of courage and guts to put yourself out there and run for public office. I don't see you doing that especially since you say you know all the facts. You make rude comments about those people who have put themselves out there in the public eye. While you hide behind your "name". BTW do you walk on water, too?