Griffin Pickren

Griffin Pickren 6 months, 4 weeks ago on Thom Schnellinger: Help kids put down video games, read instead

Your summary sounds great, but you are missing the point. "To conclude, I would challenge the community to engage its schools, ask hard questions and listen for answers. Pointing fingers and making accusations without facts or meeting with knowledgeable individuals does not build community; it tears down and ruins the positive nature of our small town. I will engage anyone, anywhere, in a conversation about our work with our children. I think we have set forth a very ambitious path for the future. Join us, challenge us, grow with us. Let’s roll up our sleeves and together do this hard work. Consider MCHS as your hometown school." Pointing fingers and making accusations about our School system is the only answer. As parents that is your job. Don't let school teachers and administrators tell you how to form questions and opinions. You tell them. If you don't like what's going on get a new School Board. Force the school board to listen. Get rid of Federal education programs like Common Core and No child left behind. Get rid of tenure and fire teachers who can't get their students to pass standardized test instead of lowering the standards of Standardized test. AMEN. Put your teachers to the test, not your kids. Why else are you forced to pay taxes for public education. The only opinion letters from teachers should be those of soaring scores due to effort on their part. THe last thing you should ever read in opinion column from a teacher is that the parents need to read to your kids every night because the teachers don't have time to educate your children. Shameful!


Griffin Pickren 6 months, 4 weeks ago on Lloyd Rollins: Don’t divide the county

Lloyd Rollins: Don’t divide the county!!!!!!!!!!! We are already devided. Almost 90% of the population of Colorado reside on the Front range which is predominately Liberal Progressives i.e Democrates and Rhinos. Although they only make up 10% of the states area they control the voting in the state. 90% of the state is rural country made up of conservative working class people that don't want the Front range making their decisions for them. Devided we stand. United we fall. Ironic isn't it. If secession were allowed we would have the capabilites of having representatives that actually stood for local voices not of those on the Front Range. That is a republic. What we have now is progressive anarchy diluting the Bill of Rights. Constitutional Conservaties do not have a voice in Colorado. What is the point of residing in a state that constantly takes your civil liberties. Seccesion, while not practile, is a great start to a new State of civill liberties. Reaching across the isle is for those who live in Never Land. The Isle doesn't exist in 2013 in Colorado.