grace 10 years, 3 months ago on Chat with the Editor

arent there any charity organizations or churches that could lend dan floeter either their time or materials to make his older moble home liveable for his fience, elizibeth Perschon, who will be comming home tomorrow after a stay in denver hospital since aug 07?(see my story under story suggestions) a concerned stepmom


grace 10 years, 8 months ago on Woman seriously injured in rollover accident

about the woman elizabeth in the truck accident, please if the officials have a heart at all, drop charges on her, she is alive minute to minute, she is a single mom raising two boys, has no health insurance as of today she has had at least two surgeries a day since friday, she blew her liver, of which they have packed for now, they had to remove a kidney,she broke a femer, has rib fractures,broken arm and broke her back at t-4, today they will do surgery on her back, they said she will have no feeling from waist down and will never walk again! they are putting rods and cages from t-4 down, her neck has fx at c-2 and down, so she will wear a halo, rite now the first priority is will she live, if so her life will change forever, she will never run or walk with her boys, please drop the charges and instead start planning fund raisers for her as the road looks grim financially too she is a mother, a human being, what happened to her could happen to any of us, thank you