hikecal 6 years, 6 months ago on Publisher's Notebook: About that editorial ...

Having been a former resident of Moffat County, I’ve continued to follow the events in Craig through the Daily Press. I’m saddened by the negative articles that continue to be written by the editorial board, regarding the Moffat County School District. During a time when schools districts are facing the largest budget cuts in the history of education, a time when the economy is in a slump and families are greatly impacted by loss of homes & jobs (adding additional complexity to educating children who may be in a classroom hungry, or worried where they will sleep that night, etc.), a time when many parents are working more hours just to make ends meet (resulting in lack of parental support -putting even a greater burden on teachers and staff). In addition to the mounting challenges the school district is facing, they have to contend with a local newspaper running negative articles. Maybe if some of that energy were put into making the Craig Daily Press more than a “mediocre” publication, striving towards excellence in publications, there would be less mistakes in punctuation, grammar, spelling errors, etc. And maybe, just maybe, they would find topics to write about, that would bring people together in a positive way to help “brainstorm” ideas and find solutions to meet the challenges facing the school district.