hixinstix 4 years, 10 months ago on Katie Grobe: We can find freedom in Christ

We can all take turns poking holes in each other's arguments.....it has been going on for many years.

"When in the course......the Laws of Nature and Nature's God entitle them...."

"We hold these truths.....are endowed by their Creator with certain....."

"We, therefore, the Representatives....appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world.....with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence....."

"....present the Seventeeth Day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty-seven..."

Abraham Lincoln: "...under a just God, can not long retain..." "...if followed, the world will forever applaud, and God must forever bless." ".....with firmness in the right as God gives us to see...."

The First Continental Congress was opened with prayer that concluded, "...the merits of Jesus Christ, They Son, our Savior. Amen"

John Jay said, "...as privilege and interest - of our Christian nation to select...."

I have looked back over Katie's words, and at no point do I see her advocating for a Theocracy. A simple look at the overwhelming number of US Presidents shows that the majority professed to be, or had been, Christians......yet there is no historical reference to any of their terms having been theocratic.

And why all the venom about those who are religious? Although there are many differences in theology and dogma among the different Christian faiths, it is safe to say that they all believe in the Ten Commandments. Which of those Commandments(suggestions)do you vehemently disagree with?


hixinstix 4 years, 10 months ago on Katie Grobe: We can find freedom in Christ

misterkindbuds and OneFly.......no doubt you both enjoy the freedoms this Country affords us. As you're sitting at your computer running down the thoughts of others, remember that God(or a version of His name)is mentioned 5 times in the Declaration of Independence and once in the US Consitution. Man, those forefathers of ours sure were silly, pie-eyed, sheep............


hixinstix 4 years, 11 months ago on Confusion swirls around ambulance service in Dinosaur

Vernal crews don't have to be Colorado certified if they are already NREMT's. Problem with using Utah hospitals for ambulance is insurance/Medicare etc reimbursements. Time for our illustrious commissioners to step forward and make this right. The citizens and visitors of western Moffat County deserve a resolution. I agree with David Moore.....this situation provides a much better use of county funds than an amphitheater.


hixinstix 4 years, 11 months ago on Moffat County Commissioners approve free health care clinic in Craig

One doesn't have to be an economist.......the county clinic DOES compete in an open market simply by removing around 400 people from using the other free market providers(TMH, clinics etc). Are you saying that 400 people is an insignificant change? The county commissioners have now placed themselves in direct competition with.......themselves. Pure genius.


hixinstix 4 years, 11 months ago on Moffat County Commissioners approve free health care clinic in Craig

No need for anyone to be offended that Moffat County employees have access to this clinic..they would have had access to clinics of one sort or another, anyway. What is offensive is that the Commissioners have deliberately engaged in competing against themselves. A county-owned hospital is present in Craig and there is NO need to bring in Care Here. If the County had the ability to negotiate properly in the first place, their co-pays would not have been so high. Why not co-op with other large employers in the area to lower insurance premiums?

As far as co-pays go, this new program will likely increase co-pays. Sure, the employees and dependents get "free" care at the clinic, but many will need to access other areas in healthcare(radiology, emergency department, operating rooms etc). Will this new program require an increased co-pay amount then because these modalities fall outside the "in network" of the new clinic? What about prescriptions that are ineffective as generics(synthroid etc)?

How will Moffat County calculate the ROI and cost savings of this clinic? Have the increased premiums/costs previously incurred because of employee health claims or because of dependents health claims? How will Moffat County measure any perceived change in employee productivity as a result of the clinic?

Will the clinic also be used for pre-employment screening? For statutory drug testing? For DOT physicals?

It's alleged that the clinic will be open evenings and weekends......how will the clinic be adequately staffed with this type of schedule?

This clinic IS a threat to TMH and the rest of the medical community. It's not a matter of those entities lowering their costs to be competitive......it's about the County deliberately stepping in to cause financial harm to them.

Will the new clinic be subject to COBRA requirements? Will services be offered to County retirees after they leave county employment? I wonder if part of the problem with the increased premiums and costs isn't more likely attributed to an aging County workforce that typically requires more medical and pharmaceutical intervention.

In the end, I find the Commissioners move atrocious and encourage voters to ensure they are not elected for their next terms.