jalana 6 years, 7 months ago on How did you or how do you plan to vote on Proposition 103, which proposes to increase public school funding through increased income and sales taxes?

I will never be for raising taxes...EVER.Throwing more money at a broken system does nothing except give the people who broke the system more power.How about making a budget you can afford and living within the parameters.I have to and so should the schools,the county,the state and the federal government.

The public school system is broken.That is why my children are attending a private school.If it weren't for the private school they would be home schooled.My children do not benefit whatsoever from the public school system and I should not have to pay more for others.


jalana 6 years, 7 months ago on Which fast food chain restaurant would you most like to see come to Craig?

It would be great to have a real steakhouse.But sadly Outback/Texas Roadhouse are chains and there just are not enough people around here to support them in order for them to build.It would take someone local to build a good restaurant.Then it take someone who knew how to run a restaurant sadly I do not think we have either of those things.


jalana 6 years, 9 months ago on Do you think Moffat County has a childhood obesity problem?

Don't blame the kids...it's the parents who stuff all kinds of junk food in their kids.If the lazy parents these days would get off their cell phones and computers and take their kids for a walk or play in the yard kids wouldn't have half the problems they do.


jalana 6 years, 9 months ago on Irene Beard: Too much criticizing

I agree with you ranger520 It seems like customer service has went right out the window and with it so has my business.I refuse to even shop in several stores in craig for the very reasons you are describing.

I also went to a local eatery and tried to purchase something they nationally advertise and was told they "don't do that here" while I was told that I happened to look at their door advertising the same special??? When I asked to speak to the manager and complained I did get the advertised price after I told them that what they was doing was like a bait and switch scam and false advertising.I will not be returning there as I also will not be returning to a few other stores that I have had similar experiences with.

Very few people in this town seem to have any customer service skills.While I do have to buy certain things in town.I have been buying as much as I can online or when I travel.When I see customer service improve(I doubt that will be anytime soon) I will be happy to spend my money locally.

Another thing that really bothers me is a local thrift store that gets all of their items donated and has such rude cashiers.I have actually been asked several times what I am doing with the stuff I buy from them??? Last time I checked it wasn't anyones business what I do with the items I buy.They are selling them and I am willing to give them the asking price what I choose to do with them is my business.I have since been to 2 new thrift stores that have recently opened.Both are run by very nice customer friendly gals who go out of their way to be friendly and helpful....guess where I will be shopping form now on?


jalana 6 years, 9 months ago on Mother of late Hayden man offers family sympathies

I am so sorry about your loss...what a terrible tragedy for both families.I will continue to pray for you all.RIP to both Carla and Joshua. To the people who are passing judgment on this young man shame on you.We have all made mistakes or taken risks we shouldn't have.


jalana 7 years, 5 months ago on Pat Jones: A Christmas question

I am ready sister and thank you for taking the time to explain this.You did a great job at telling the whole story.I pray you and you family have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed new year.


jalana 7 years, 5 months ago on Lorna Tunks: Bullying is disrespectful

I agree where are the teachers? How heartbreaking for your daughter.Its easy to see what kind of people the "bullies" will turn out to be. It is sick that parents do not take the time to teach their children how to treat one another.I suppose they learn it all at home. This kind of treatment goes beyond bullying and verges on assault/abuse.I would contact the police.Surely it can not be legal?

I am sorry your daughter was treated this way I will keep her in my prayers.God bless your family this holiday season.


jalana 7 years, 8 months ago on Community Budget Center Thanks for hard work

It is nice to see the inmates do some good for the community. However its sad that your employees are such mean spirited people.I will not shop/donate to you ever again.I was so insulted on my last visit a week ago.I was questioned as to what I was "going to do" with the items I was purchasing and asked if I intended to sell them.

What business is it of yours???You are selling merchandise that was donated to you...I am willing to buy it at your asked for price.What I do with it is "MY" business.It is rude for you to ask.