John Kinkaid

John Kinkaid 3 years, 1 month ago on Federal judge rules in favor of environmentalists

If WildEarth Guardians want a 3rd world way of life, they should move to a third world country and let the rest of us live in peace, progress and security. If they really want to make a positive difference, they should move to China and work there.


John Kinkaid 5 years, 9 months ago on Do you think the proposed Hayden casino project would increase tourism in Moffat County?

I pretty much knew that casinos in Cripple Creek hadn't improved the lives of community members and the local economy. Linzie answers my question about Central City benefiting from gambling. Even Atlantic City hasn't been helped by the mega-casinos. Away from the casinos, Atlantic City is still run down. The State of New Jersey just granted the Golden Nugget Casino permission run tables outdoors. Business is down and it is hoped that this will entice more customers to come. If Atlantic City is struggling..... I just don't think that a casino in Hayden would be economically viable. It doesn't make sense. I do have to say, that I have not seen the developers' presentation.


John Kinkaid 5 years, 9 months ago on Health chat: Dr. Victory rips Obamacare during Bears Ears Patriots meeting

Dr. Victory is correct. "On Nov. 6 we'll all get the opportunity to make that choice." President Obama is the very first anti-American president to lead our country. Obamacare is bondage. $16 trillion in debt makes you a slave. Obama is not Moses. I want to be a free man living in the land of the free. Free to succeed. Free to fail. I am a citizen and not a subject. I'm able to own land, educate my children, worship freely, speak freely and own firearms. Do you want to live life under your own terms or under the government's terms? Many men have bleed and died that we might be free to live on our own terms. Vote Nov. 6th. Vote as if your very life depends upon it.


John Kinkaid 5 years, 11 months ago on Letter: Obamacare beginning of socialized medicine


You are absolutely correct about working locally as the priority. Can you come to a TMH BOT meeting and discuss areas that you believe that the board should address or address differently? Is it something that we (you, staff and the board) can talk about in a public setting? Get the ball rolling and call Don Myers or George Rohrich.