jenmwaite 5 years, 8 months ago on Derrick Ferguson: MCHS teachers 'overly devoted'

Extremely well written- Those teachers must have taught you a little something ; ) So wonderful of you to write this. This is absolutely true of the teachers that I had while I was at school in Moffat County. Not to mention being a teacher now. No one can truly understand the demands on a teacher until they are doing the job. There have been many, many times that I have wanted to thank all the teachers that I had through K-12, because I truly had no idea what they were doing for me. Sometimes I look at my kids through eyes that graded all night the night before and hope that they will realize the same thing and how much we as teachers truly care about them. Thank you Derrick! You warmed my heart as a former Moffat County student as well as a Teacher.


jenmwaite 8 years, 2 months ago on Parents voice concern about proposed calendar

Just because you don't think art is important, does not make it goofy. How can you devalue something that is so important to so many people? let alone to many of your students? It is really unfortunate that there are people let alone other teachers that feel that way. You may not think it is as important as a science class, but I can guarantee that there is quite a few students that would argue and tell you that art is their most important subject.

And yes teachers can turn their lights off. Most of the classrooms are well lit by windows (keep in mind, I was a student there). I know several teachers in the district and other districts that teach that way currently. It is calming to the students and cuts costs in a big way.

Obviously you are going to continue to disrespect the opinions of others and that is no way to get anything done.

I hope with my whole heart that the district feels differently than you do. I will be making my case for the arts as long as I can in Moffat County and elsewhere.


jenmwaite 8 years, 2 months ago on Parents voice concern about proposed calendar

My point about this is that people would never consider cutting a science class yet to a large number of students their art classes are every bit as important to them as their other classes. Music and art and classes like these create students that are very well rounded and have the option to enter any career that they want. If kids are not getting art education, when they go to college and decide to take these classes, they are already years behind. College classes for art are the same as other classes, they assume you have a prior knowledge.

An art club is a nice idea but I truly doubt that Principal Schnellinger has the time to run something like this on top of all the duties he is currently responsible for. I feel that people are not understanding that careers in education are full time and even more. And an art club will also require funding, where is that coming from if we can't even pay for the class.

I am merely suggesting that we look for new ways to cut the budget. Use less electricity. Have the teachers turn their lights off as much as possible. Use grants and fundraisers to help certain programs. A community meeting where people come together and people from all different aspects of the community come up with ideas would be a great way to start. I am sure there are a lot of creative minds that would love to get to work on this.

I just would hate to see the students of Moffat County miss out on the education that art classes can provide. This article details it well:

It talks about the brain research that is going on that shows how visual arts help young children learn to read and conceptualize.

It is an excellent read.

I was a student at Moffat County not too long ago and I am now pursuing a career in Art Education. I did well in the other subjects that were presented to me in school, but I loved LOVED my art classes. In all reality, I couldn't wait to get out of high school and wanted to graduate as early as possible. Art classes kept me hanging in there and I spent a large portion of my senior year in the art room. In my art classes I not only learned how to paint, draw etc., but I also learned how to problem solve, calculate dimensions, research various topics among many other things. Now imagine if my situation was changed by the fact that I didn't care whether or not I graduated. If those art classes weren't there, I don't know that school would have mattered to me at all. There are a good deal of students that feel that way, and all I am asking is that they are considered at every turn of this decision making process. Students should be the heart of these discussions no matter what classes we are discussing cutting.


jenmwaite 8 years, 2 months ago on Parents voice concern about proposed calendar

A lot of these comments are really hard to read. I cannot believe how devalued teachers have become and how removed most of these comments seem to be from what is the reality of education.
First, teachers work more than most people! Calvin Hobbs, you had it right. They not only put those hours in but many, many more at home and on the weekends grading and planning. If any of you knew a teacher, you would understand that the job of a teacher is much more than a 40 hour a week job. And they are the most important people in your childrens lives beside you. They are the people that have the second most influence on your children. Pay the respect that is due to them.

Second, cutting classes is not the answer. If you cut classes you are devaluing whole population of children within your school. AnitaDuncce you need to think about your statement: Do our kids really need to be able to draw in the real world. Hell yea they need to be able to draw. Their are careers in graphic design, advertising, architecture, city planning, teaching, computer design, etc. etc. etc. that all require that you know how to draw. And Art and classes like that are about so much more than the skills, they are about developing a part of the brain that is left behind in all the other classes that kids participate in the day. An ENTIRE SIDE of our brain depends on development through skills such as art and music. If kids never learn how to think creatively, they will be left behind in the real world. Creativity is vital to survival in a business environment. Not to mention that there are a huge chunk of kids that go to school expressely for these classes. The fact is that drop out rates increase when you cut programs like these.

We all need to think more about what we want to cut before throwing around these wild suggestions. No classes should be cut, find other ways!!!!