lovingmom551234 3 years ago on U.S. Attorney spokesman: No apology forthcoming for Craig doctor

Well said @ Kristy Davis. I was just thinking the same thing myself. To blame a doctor for an addiction you have, is like blaming a bank for being robbed, simply because they keep money in it..... This world would be so different if people would take responsability for thier own actions. I will not be going to any of these doctors in Craig if we lose Dr. Miller. Please people, open your eyes and stop blaming a really good doctor.


lovingmom551234 3 years, 1 month ago on U.S. Attorney spokesman: No apology forthcoming for Craig doctor

I love Dr. Miller. He is accepting and doesn't make any of my family feel unwelcome. My husband and I trust him with our children's medical needs. We are very greatfull for him and his staff. And in my opinion, this town loves to throw people under the bus any time they feel like it. I don't see the lodgic in trying to take away our best doctor in Craig! Are the other doctors mad at the competition or something? I have been to a few doctors here and they all treated me like a pay check instead of a person. High Country Medical is the only place that my whole family loves to go to. My kids never cry because they see where we are going. He has toys for the kids to play with and friendly staff. They are very understanding and have helped us out when we couldn't afford it. I don't care what anyone says about him or what happens (to him in this town), he is and always will be better than this place and those that don't like him don't deserve his presence.