madmax_1 5 years, 9 months ago on Keith Prescott: Happy at TMH, part 2

Keith. It sounds like you may be new to TMH and Craig. Welcome!. The best advise I can offer you is do not become too attached to your job and your new community as the "Honeymoon" soon will end if history and experiance hold true. It is pretty easy to catch a fish on a shiney new lure but take my word friend.... things arent always as they seem. Hats of to Dr. Allen Rieshus for his courage to lend his opinion regarding TMH and the current administration. It is "spot on".


madmax_1 5 years, 9 months ago on Turnover at TMH: Part 2

Hmmm. Very interesting... The current CEO is taking full credit for the new hospital while anyone who was working at TMH prior to Mr. Rohrich absolut;y knows that it was Randy Phelps whom incubated and initiated the new hospital. Some people are just "so full of themselves". I remember when at the old hospital how Mr. Rohrich banned smoking on hospital grounds and proceeded to build a smoking hut in the south parking lot where he could be seen utilizing this smoking hut many times daily. I often wonder if he finaly "kicked the habit" or not. My Guess is not and that would be "par for the course" of course. "Do as I say and not as I do"


madmax_1 5 years, 9 months ago on Turnover at TMH: Part 1

As a former employee of TMH and somoene who still has friends that are currently employed by TMH... I can say that I have to agree that the current Administration and CEO leave much to be desired. During my employment at TMH, I witnessed many unethical situations that were, shall I say, "swept under the carpet" It realy is no surprise to me that TMH has such a high turnover rate not only with the Doc's but clinical staff as well. Kudo's to those who have seen the light and found employment elswhere and to those people who seek healthcare at other facilities. Believe me, you are all much better off. This is not to say that the are not any "quality" emplyees that work at TMH but it is my opinion that if they had other optoins they would and should consider those options. Unfortuntly there is only one game in town and the current administration certainly understands that these empoyees have few if any choices for employment in the medical field in Craig Co .In other words" their backs are against the wall" because of how deeply they are embedded in the community. I understand how it feels to not be appreciated by your employer and this is why I no longer work at TMH.