maybe4u 8 years, 2 months ago on Assault suspects appear in court

It's very true that you should not believe everything you read or everything your hear through the grapevine. We will never get the truth but hopefully in court all versions of it will come out. I don't agree with "the public has a need to know" all the details. I do agree with jakebreslin that opinions should be based on available facts and not biased by the media. But aside from the lesson to be taken from it, keep your temper and think before you act, maybe it doesn't really require our opinion at this point in time.


maybe4u 8 years, 3 months ago on Assault suspects appear in court

There usually is more to the story and even the participants don't know exactly what happened. The bottom line is that some very bad decisions were made that will affect the lives of all involved. I feel that all the kids and parents involved need our compassion and not indignation. Sometimes stupid talk escalates into a very bad situation. The injuries will take a long time to heal for one of the boys and the emotional trauma will last forever for the all these boys and their parents. There is no room for mud slinging against the parents or the kids involved. I believe that in the heat of the fight (and who can say they have never gotten carried away at something) their brains stopped thinking. They just wanted to win a fight and now they must face the consequences of their actions.