myopinion1 6 years ago on Craig City Council reacts to Victor Tarango

start a new church, It is so amazing to me that you can all through stones in a glass house, or is it you without sin cast the first stone, either way, judge not lest you be judged. have you never missunderstood a gov. document as an american speaking person? You all amaze me and not in a good way


myopinion1 6 years ago on Should Craig City Council approve retail gaming and liquor licenses for Tarango’s Nightclub, 535 Green St., even though owner Victor Tarango provided inaccurate information on his initial applications and a group of citizens is petitioning against it?

I was at the 1st hearing and I don't believe the miss answerd questions were done so on purpose. He has to have most of the questions interpreted for him. I believed they may have been miss interpreted by his helper. And before any one complains about the language bearier, this is a spanish club. He use live here but lost his home trying to get this thing started, don't punish him for trying to achieve the American dream.


myopinion1 6 years ago on Nightclub hearing postponed: Residents petitioning against Tarango’s opening

The pettition is a two way street, let's get a pettition for this license. Give the guy a chance. All this stuff about the noise and fights is foolish talk and just another reason for these hotel people to stop yet more progress for Craig! As I stated before;" there has already been dances at this location, and no complaints about noise." Again as far as I know, this is the only club or bar in town with security in place.


myopinion1 6 years ago on Opposed to proposed night club: Petitions circulating against Tarango's

In previous comments people have brought up the issue of this club being a noise problem and the posible problems with people picking up their mail. I can tell you that there has already been an alchol free dance at this location and there were no noise complaints and no problems at the post office.

It should also be known that at all of the previous and upcoming events held by terrango there has been and will continue to be security in place, both inside and outside of the club. I don't believe this is the case at any other bar or tavern in town.

I was at the meeting where Mr. Terrango was denied his liquer license, I believe that the "lies" he told were more of a communication issue, as his english is very poor.

The spanish people of this community need a place to meet and enjoy their culture and their music. I say give him a chance if he messes it up take his license or what ever the procedure is, but give him a chance!!