peasandcues 7 years, 10 months ago on ACET arrests Craig man

Just what does one do with 307 grams of mephedrone? And why would one need 250 grams of something that appears to be a diluting agent?


peasandcues 7 years, 11 months ago on Craig fireworks display scheduled for Sunday night

THANK YOU CRAIG VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT! Every year Craig's fireworks display gets better and better. The community truly appreciates each and every one of the volunteers who give up their holiday vacations so they can handle the fireworks display for Craig and the surrounding area! Let the show begin!!


peasandcues 8 years ago on Events aiding Craig economy

This is more than just a boost to our local economy. The FFA organization is supplying us with incredible future leaders mentored by incredible leaders. Their visit to Craig was a reassurance that this generation will thrive in their future endeavors. Respectful, responsible, self-assured, polite, confident -- this organization gives me much hope for our future. Please, come back soon!


peasandcues 8 years ago on School board to consider final budget draft today

Mr. Barbosa, if it is so dang important to you about what happens at the school board meetings then why don't you just attend the meeting! It's very simple. Just sit and listen. They may even ask your opinion on agenda items. What the heck - you may even become part of a solution rather than just gritching about a problem. Novel concept...


peasandcues 8 years ago on MCHS freshman places at state meet

Way to go Matt! Your hard work and dedication to your sport is certainly paying off. We look forward to you representing MCHS and Craig at future meets. You make us proud!!


peasandcues 8 years, 2 months ago on Editorial: Time for change

Poor AnitaDUNCE just went off the deep end with all that rambling! Two posts removed! Pace yourself dear, we don't want to have to send an ambulance.