pgerini 7 years, 5 months ago on Craig Mayor, PETA exchange letters

Don Jones, you and all those who think like you are living proof that the fable "Chicken Little" is not a work of fiction. To all of you beware of the killer squirrels. Philip Gerini


pgerini 8 years, 5 months ago on Mike Flannery: Marijuana questions

Mike, Colorado law defines that a driver is under the influence of drugs when the drugs have affected the driver "to a degree that the person is substantially incapable, either mentally or physically, or both mentally and physically, to exercise clear judgment, suffcient physical control, or due care in the safe operation of a vehicle."

The charge of DUI-D does not require that you be under the influence of illegal drugs. Even prescription or over-the-counter drugs that can cause impairment can be the basis for the charge against you.

Using your logic, anyone under the influence of legal drugs, including Marijuana, should lose the privilege of operating a motor vehicle in the state of Colorado.

You need to accept the fact that a majority of registered voters passed the medical marijuana law. If you are concerned about drivers under the influence, then do something about the children of Moffat County that drink and drive and some of the adults that allow it

Colorado has laws governing DAWI, DUI, and DUI-D. So don't worry about the liability issues Mike, just pray that you are never in a position that you would want to use legal marijuana for pain.

Philip Gerini