redcobra420 6 years ago on Did the Denver Broncos make the right decision by choosing quarterback Peyton Manning over Tim Tebow?

Wow the man is out one year and people forget how great he is!!! All Te-blow is is a glorified running back!! Peyton will win two more super bowls and timmy will be the most popular backup ever!! If football was about two point conversion than Tebows the man otherwise Peyton crushes him in every catagory hands down!! and who cares about how well this team can come back, Peyton will usually have them in front by 2 touchdowns! Also The Broncos have a top 5 line if they have a quarterback that can make quick decisions and throw the ball on time to his receivers!!! Peyton does this Timmy not so much!! TEBOW CAN'T READ DEFENSES!!! For any references see the Bills game or either Patriots game!! He couldn't even beat the chiefs led by the worthless Orton!!! Elway's the man and brought the best Quarterback ever to Denver!!!