seven_deadlies 3 years, 12 months ago on Craig resident proposes ordinance requiring heads of households to own rifles

Do you remember Morning Star Trading Post? This is the child of the couple who owned that shop; one of two gun stores which supplied Craig with ammunition, repairs, and sales back in the 90's and early 00's.

I just wanted to say I am highly interested in where this will lead, and unlike the previous comment-maker I do enjoy the implication of this law (federal government better not mess with our vitality).

I did use a semi-automatic weapon to hunt. Sometimes my father did too. It was always small game which we wanted to prevent from tunneling in the fields we farmed for alfalfa. In addition this prevented so many ground-holes for the horses to step in and break their legs while I rode locally. For big game we did use a single-load but only because we never owned a semi that carried rounds big enough for elk. I would not object if someone did own a rifle for this purpose because you know what? People miss -- and those animals suffer in the time it takes you to reload.

So... please do talk about it. Feel it out. I do support what I hear so far but would love many more details. While I have moved away from Craig, Co (we enlisted active duty 2003) we do hope to return there when we are done serving our country and it would be great to know our firearms would not be an issue once we return.