sheepsheerer 3 years, 9 months ago on Katie Grobe: We can find freedom in Christ

Katie Grobe I want to thankyou for all that you do and your article is very touching to me, especially in a time when a good part of our country is un informed and walking off the edge into darkness. Liberals (progressives) are so in tuned to themselves and their high-tech science that they have left all morals behind, leaving it to their GOD (government) to take up their responsibilities. They have forgotten that this UNIQUE UNITED STATES was founded under GOD and we were given INALIENABLE RIGHTS. These progressives are a very unstable and unhappy group of people but they seem to like it this way. Maybe it's because they have no GOD therefore they fear no GOD for their promiscuous lifestyles.


sheepsheerer 3 years, 10 months ago on Craig reacts to Obama's recent announcement on climate change action plan

I can tell you some true basics on progressives/Liberals and then perhaps the great Americans (Conservatives) can connect the dots. Liberals/Progressives(same thing) have a hatred for Conservatives more than anything on this planet. When they make laws, they are not doing it to satisfy themselves, they do it to oppose Conservatives. EPA is nothing more than a group of Liberals with a hatred for the Great American way of Free Enterprise/Capitalism and forces regulations on American businesses far more than one can imagine. And they do it all by Executive order (no voting required or in perspective, dictatorship). Costs are 4 times to produce energy from solar power or wind. Yes the Arctic is decreasing in size but the Liberals don't tell you that the Antarctic is INCREASING in size. I better stop before they silence me because there is nothing more the liberals hate is opposition. Conservatives in Craig I luv 'ya and never give up because Progressives never sleep.


sheepsheerer 3 years, 10 months ago on Matt Winey: Let’s keep progressives out

Mr. Matt Winey you are a great American and am proud to write on your behalf. FREETHINKER....This is why the Civil war abolish slavery because you liberal democrats would not give it up. Sheep? No. You Liberals are the sheep makers. You take our guns, right to work(unions), money through high taxes,right to hear the truth from the media and the list goes on. Our school systems are so messed up because of liberals and their absence of teaching American Patriotism and their lack of morals and not to mention the unions taking all the school money and wasting it on lavish vacations and other promiscuous adventures.It is not uncommon for female liberal teachers to have sexual relations with students because they have no morals as they do not believe in GOD. Their GOD is their government. What I don't understand Matt is when you ask a liberal what would you do if someone was breaking into your house? They never have an answer. Liberalism(I guess I should say progressivism) really got going through pop culture. I was a part of it and never realized until 5 or 6 years ago. Hugo Chavez from Venezuela was a liberal. He was very Charasmatic and this is what most liberals and low-information people elect their president from..Face value and emotions. Venezuela has the same problem we have; the media holds the truth and props the president up on a pillar. Hugo Chavez sweet talked everybody into giving up their guns and then his regime went into houses and pilfered, raped and beat citizens and the news never covered it.He also took all the revenues from oil, leaving the country broke. I do hope to GOD one day you Liberals will see the light. Stand up and be a proud individual! Do it yourself. You don't need Government doing it for you. Less Government and less taxes means more money for you and I!!!! AMEN