thirdgenerationinCraig 5 years, 9 months ago on Penny Nelson: Questions about CMS football coaching

There are several issues this year with the coaching. One of the issues stems from the 7th grade team. There are more than 50 boys who wanted to play football from the 7th grade, which is a huge amount of players on one team.

The solution was to create an A & B team. The A team to play the first two games of the season, the B team to play the next four and the A team would finish the season and play the last two games. Seems fair that they split the games in half, right?

The A team got to play their first two games. The first B team game was in Hayden, where they only have enough 7th & 8th graders to make one team. Due to that the decision for that night was to play a six-quarter game where the 7th & 8th grade CMS teams would switch each quarter. It was a reasonable solution for that game. At the end of the fourth quarter Hayden was winning, at the end of the sixth quarter CMS was up, leading us to believe that CMS won the game.

The next evening my son came home from practice to let me know that the score only counted through the end of the fourth quarter. Since Craig technically lost the game the coach decided to take the A team to Meeker along with the B team. He told the boys that the B team would only get to play after half time if the A team had created enough of a lead.

That tells me that the coaches have one thing in mind: winning. The coaches are willing to go back on their word to the team in order to win. What a sad set of morals we are instilling in these boys.

At the A team games the B team was asked not to dress out, because there is no chance of them stepping on the field. Wearing that uniform does a lot for the players of the team. It gives them the sense of belonging to the team, creates a greater team/school spirit among many other benefits from dressing out for the game. Being part of the team and getting to play motivates these kids to do well in school and gives them something productive to do after school. Being part of the team is huge at this age.

Are the ambitions of the coaches for 7th grade is to discourage the boys from the B team from coming out for football next year?

The moral of the story, in my opinion, is that the B team will only be able to play two full games this season. The B team has practiced just as hard and often as well as paid the same amount in fees to play the sport. I truly hope that these coaches see this and I truly hope that they take a minute to think about what middle school sports should be about and the impression they are leaving on these boys. Or maybe I hope the athletic director and school board sees this, maybe they can take a look at who they have coaching for them.


thirdgenerationinCraig 6 years, 7 months ago on VFW: Veterans Park not up for sale to City of Craig

I am so disappointed the VFW is putting such a phenomenal community asset at risk. This land was DONATED to the VFW with the caveat that it be maintained as open space for the benefit of the community. For the past 60 years, the city of Craig has invested heavily (water, mowing, cleaning, trash removal, etc.) to make this park a wonderful addition to our city used by thousands. That's not even mentioning the statues left from Whittle the Wood that makes our city park so unique. There is no way the VFW could maintain it to this degree. And, to threaten to turn our community asset into an oil field should be an affront to every single Craig resident. If the city hadn't taken care of and developed that park, what would it be today? An open field of weeds? Our tax dollars will be flushed right down the drain if the VFW maintains its hard-headed stance. Did I also read right that the city has waived the VFWs water, sewer and trash fees for their Post? This is an awful way to say thank you for all the city has done for the VFW and for the residents who use and enjoy the City Park. Veterans, if it's your mission to better the community as you said, sacrificing a community asset for pride isn't the way to do it.